My weekend lip stick fix!

Hi dolls. How was your weekend? I totally went crazy & bought loads of lip sticks… SIX to be exact! Superdrug had an offer on Sleek’s True Colour lippies so I snapped up some of them, along with 2 Collection 2000 ones.

RRP: £4

Sleek have recently expanded their ‘TRUE COLOUR‘ lip stick range to . I got ‘Candy Cane’, ‘Liqueur’, ‘Pink Freeze’ & ‘Heartbreaker’. They were on offer, 2 for £6… I couldn’t refuse it :) They come in either sheen or as a matte finish. I got 2 of each.

I would have walked straight past ‘Liqueur’ but as soon as I swatched it on my hand I knew it would be a lovely nude colour. It has a gorgeous purpley-gold undertone which would TOTALLY suite Asian skin tones. The first two are sheen and the last 2 are matte.

The sheen lip sticks glide onto your lips really easily AND stay for a fair few hours too. The matte isn’t as matte as my NARS Pure Matte Lipsticks but it’s still a nice finish. I always get pulled to all the pinky colours! I tried to stay away from corals as I got ‘Vegas Volt’ by MAC last week… & to be honest, a girl can’t have too many pink lip sticks ;)

They can stain your lips slightly, but that’s what you get for highly pigmented products! As a whole, I’m SUPER happy with these Sleek lippies! If I ever need a colour (stat!) then I can always rely on them (seeing as I don’t have a MAC in my town) :)

RRP: £2.99

I’ve got one other Collection 2000 ‘Lasting Colour’ lip stick (in Berry Blast - which I absolutely LOVE!) so I thought I’d have a quick look to just see what other colours they have to offer. I picked up 2 shades of pink. I love how they don’t break the bank either :)

‘Pink Shock’ is a lovely Barbie pink, but isn’t too much on your lips (it seems to get toned down due to the colour of my lips). ‘Sweet Tart’ reminds me of a pinkier verson of ‘Vegas Volt’ by MAC - so those of you that are too scared to wear that you can always FEED your lips a bit of ‘Sweet Tart’ ;) I love how moisturising & easily they apply!

‘Sweet Tart’ smells gorgeous too!

Here are some lip swatches of my favourites… I actually like them ALL, but thought I’d swatch these 4 for you dolls.

Seeing as I’ve been wearing bright lips a lot recently, I’m definitely going to make good use of these this Summer! What lip stick are you LOVING at the moment? Or what lip stick do you RUSH to for a bit of colour in your life?

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78 Responses to My weekend lip stick fix!

  1. Promise says:

    Those colours look gorgeous, so pigmented, loving Sweet Tart and Liqueur.
    They all look great on you…x

  2. Hannah P says:

    These colours are gorgeous!!! :)
    I especially love Liqueur and Sweet Tart - so pretty xxx


  3. Sriya says:

    I didn’t even look at Liqueur.. Why?! I really want it now!
    The collection 2000 lipstick looks so moisturising! I don’t think I’ve tried their lipsticks xx

  4. roshni says:

    GORGEOUS photos! I love all the colours! My fave being Sweet Tart - i’m SO going shopping tomorrow xxx

  5. StealMyHeartLovee says:

    They all look so pretty on you. I need to check these out. Liqueur will be the first I purchase. :)

  6. esteeem says:

    ooh snap! I bought Candy Cane & Coral Reef yesterday from Sleek, absolutely loving Candy Cane! will blog about em soon, had to blog about my NYX lippy haul first! <3

  7. beauty and the blog says:

    As soon as I saw the Candy cane swatch *faints* 2mor darling u shall be mine!

  8. Shortiee31 says:

    Do the Sleek lipsticks have a scent to them? xx

  9. Catherine Mendez says:

    I love these Lipsticks. Do they have a website? How would I go about purchasing them here in the US? Love your blog!

  10. Esha says:

    I am not great fan of lipsticks they look great on others but I don’t think they suit me. However I will definitely have to get liqueur as it would be a great nude and quite wearable for a lipstick virgin like me. Must say Liqueur and sweet tart look gorgeous on you :)

    • Kaushal says:

      You’ll love liqueur - it’s a lovely first colour to buy! I’m sure it’ll look amazing on you :)

  11. Ana says:

    Those swatches are amazing! I’ve seen so many reviews on these lipsticks but yours hast to be my fav! Candy cane looks alot like impassioned from MAC! Note-to-self to run into Superdrug tomorrow hehe x

    • Kaushal says:

      Aww, thank you so much! Yep, I was thinking the same (however, I don’t have it so couldn’t do a comparison!) LOL hope you like them xx

  12. Sophie says:

    I snapped up 6 of these babies as soon as they came out. I’m definitely going to have to go back in and pick up Liqueur and Heartbreaker - I’ve no idea why I didn’t in the first place because they’re stunning! Pink Shock looks so lovely against your tan, unfortunately it probably would end up flourescent pink on my lips because I’m so pale!

    • Kaushal says:

      Oh gosh, I think I’m pale! LOL. Thank you! They are so many lush colours but I couldn’t get anymore!

  13. Tass says:

    Kaushal you’re really bad for my bank balance honestly! Since I love Vegas Volt so much I might just have to get Sweet Tart too ;)

    I swatched Liquer on my hand and it didn’t sway me but it looks like a nice colour on the lips xx

  14. Arezu says:

    I love all the colours you chose, but I think Candy Cane has to be my favourite, it’s such a bright colour, definitely perfect for summer ;)

  15. Sundari says:

    gosh they all look so gorgeous on you! i need to try out these sleek lippies!! i just got MAC’s see sheer, loving it but it’s a rather daring for me since i’m new to the whole coloured lips thing! wish i could pull it off as well as you do!!
    gorgeous doll!! :) love these posts xxxxx

  16. sana says:

    I am so jealous! I would do anything for SLEEK to expand to the US! These colors are wonderful!


    • Kaushal says:

      Aww! Doll you can get it from here their website - they ship internationally too x

  17. tierra berry says:

    so pretty! I love sweetheart and candycane!

  18. Vonnie says:

    candy cane is your color baby! looks great

  19. Beverly says:

    OMG! These look great! I love the colors you picked out. I wish we had that brand in the U.S.

    xO Beverly

  20. Vida Lee says:

    These are all so pretty! I love the texture of them. Wish I could get sleek around me!

  21. Libby says:

    All the colors look gorgeous on you!!! And your lippie application is so neat and perfect! Do you use a lip brush? Can you do a tutorial on how you apply your lippies? I’d love to have perfectly applied lip color on my lips like yours! :)

    • Kaushal says:

      I don’t use a lip brush :oops: only sometimes, if I’m going out! But I can try and see if I can do one for sure :) x

  22. Laiqah says:

    I want all 4 Sleek lippies! They are such beauts!


  23. LaaLaa Monroe says:

    Omg, I need to get some more. I got some on Friday but now I’ve seen some other shades that Superdrug didn’t have test swatches for…ahhhhh

  24. thedollymixdiaries says:

    these look gorgeous! I must run to my nearest superdrug asap! I love the look of Candy Cane xx

  25. Ami says:

    I love the look of liqueur! What MAC skin tone are you? I’m NC35 Indian skin tone and wanted to know if it would look equally as good on me?

  26. BrillianceOfB says:

    these are beautiful shades! :)

  27. Sharon says:

    aww they are al gorj on u honey,love them all great picks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. michelle says:

    i really need to go check those out have seen a few blogs with them now :) you suit every shade too!

    shel xx

  29. Sami says:

    Oh no… I think I want ALL of these…! Seriously impressed with the Collection 2000 lippies too… I tend to avoid high st lipsticks but these are gorg! xx

  30. Gemma says:

    Liquer is an absolutely gorgeous colour, really unique :) x

  31. ArtDonatella says:

    Oh Gosh, Heartbreaker looks like a real ‘heartbreaker’, sooo prettty! Must investigate!

    P.S. - You look like Cheryl Cole in your profile photo!


  32. Jasmin says:

    Lovee these colours on. The redish ones look amazing and you have totally convinced me to get them. I love your blog and have been following for a few months, you have totally inspired me to start my own blog. Please check it, need all the help I can get. And any tips for an newbie? Xx

    • Kaushal says:

      Awww, that’s so nice! Well, I’m following you on it hun - drop me an email if you want help on anything, I’ll help you as much as I can :) xx

  33. Sell WoW Account says:

    really love the color of candy cane<3

  34. Alexandra says:

    I want all of those colors!! Wish we had Sleek in the US! They all look lovely on you!

  35. B says:

    Hey I LOVE candy cane looks so moisturising!! Just wondered have you used any lip pencils with these, if so which ones? You application is so neat and tidy!! xx

    • Kaushal says:

      I haven’t used any lip pencils at all - I’ll try and do a tutorial on how I get it like that? :) xx

  36. Vaani says:

    Liquer seems like such a nice colour on and i’ve not seen a colour like it before,Also i’m a newbie blogger -any advice for a successful blog?

    • Kaushal says:

      Definitely :) Blog about things you want to blog about - there’s nothing better than talking about things you love with others that love them too I hope that helps!

  37. Christine says:

    I sure wish thye sold these in Canada! They look wondeful.

  38. The Polished Pixie says:

    lovelovelove sleek! also you are totally right about ‘liqueur’ suiting asian skin tones, looks great on you & the swatch so I’ll be sure to check it out.

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