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Confused & CLOGGED up.

I haven’t done a fashion post in what seems like AGES! But I’m warning you guys in advance that I’m gonna have a RANT about clogs! It’s been on my mind for a while now… & seriously, I REALLY don’t get … Continue reading

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Kohl eyes. Part 2.

Hi dolls! I said I would post pictures of just how INTENSE the home made kohl just is… So this is just a quick post to show you just exactly that I don’t think the picture does justice to the … Continue reading

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Kohl eyes. Part 1.

I recently ran out of eye liner & thought I’d try out an old trick that my grandma taught me about making kohl at HOME! This is what you will need to make it: Ghee (clarified butter). Cotton wick (made … Continue reading

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Happy graduation to me :)

Some of you may, or may not, know that I graduated recently! It was a WINDY & RAINY day, but good none the less I thought I’d do a quick post about what I wore because trust me, it was … Continue reading

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Confused weather?

Yup. The weather seems to be REALLY confused right now. It’s not quite sure if it wants to be sunny, windy, rainy or even thunder-stormy! (Was that even a word?! ) Well, I’ve gotta say, it’s taken a toll on … Continue reading

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