Make over time!

I absolutely love family get togethers! Mine usually involve lots of food, laughter & well I’ll be honest… MORE food!! Today was a little different as some people couldn’t make it but 2 of my cousins & I decided to play around with some make up Some of the looks weren’t FULLY finished, as they were rushed, but I thought I’d share any ways :) I’m gonna cut to the chase & bring on the photos!

First I gave my beautiful little cousin, NIRALEE, my signature smoky eye look! This is one face I LOVE putting on! We thought it suited her really well ;) But she, on the other hand, thought otherwise… What do you think? I’ll let you be the judge ;)

Face » MAC Face & Body Foundation, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder, Garnier Skin Natural Roll On, MAC Studio Finish Concealer.

Cheeks » Sleek Face Contour Kit.

Eyes » Urban Decay Primer Potion, myface.cosmetics Trio Sye Shadow Midnight Hour, Avon SuperSHOCK Gel Eyeliner, High Impact Curling Mascara by Clinique.

Lips » Pout by Avon.

She loves browns & wanted to do a quick browny look before she left so I whacked my AMAZING (& somewhat un-used) Urban Decay NAKED Palette out!! I am in love with every single colour… I’m so glad I was lucky enough to grab one! So here’s what I came up with…

Face » YouRebel by Benefit, Teint Miracle by Lancome, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder, Garnier Skin Natural Roll On, MAC Studio Finish Concealer.

Cheeks » Sleek Face Contour Kit.

Eyes » Naked, Sidecar, Toasted, Hustle & Creep all from the Naked palette, brown Exaggerate liquid eye liner by Rimmel, High Impact Curling Mascara by Clinique.

Lips » Strawberry Carmex.

This is such a gorgeous every day look :) I will be wearing more of my Naked palette to work in the coming week :) I can’t BELIEVE I’ve neglected it for a while - I think the product is fab! All the colours are so nice & pigmented! Last but not least I gave a somewhat GLAMOROUS make over to RIA (we had more time to mess about with it & with taking pictures… & yes a good old HAIR DRYER was used in the process ;) )

Face » YouRebel by Benefit, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder, Garnier Skin Natural Roll On.

Cheeks » Sleek Face Contour Kit.

Eyes » Lace Hues by Luxe Lace Avon, black Exaggerate liquid eye liner by Rimmel, Avon SuperSHOCK Gel Eyeliner, The Falsies Mascara by Maybelline.

Lips » ‘Rose Petal’ moisture shine lipstick by Naturals Collection & ‘Lip Pop’ 331 med/dark by myface.cosmetics.

As you can tell this was the hair dryer picture ;) Ria’s hair was curled by my AMAZINGLY GOOD Babyliss Pro Curl 210 which I picked up in Boots for around £18! I really enjoyed doing this… Provided that I can get someone to model some looks I come up with (or if I can be brave enough to show my face :oops: ) I will be doing a lot more of these in the future ;)

P.S - Don’t forget to enter my MAC GIVE AWAY!

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6 Responses to Make over time!

  1. Zahra says:


    Looks like you had a lot of fun with your cousins. The looks you created look great on them!

    I noticed you always used the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. I normally use the Studio Fix Powder to set my Studio Fix Fluid foundation but I’ve been thinking about getting the Mineralize Skinfinish as I’ve started using the Mineralize Satinfinish foundation.

    Whats this powder like? Does it mainly act as a sort of shine control powder rather than coverage? Are the two different powders very different? I would really appreciate your opinion on this :)

    Zahra xx

    • Kaushal says:

      Hi my lovely! Thank you - it was super fun :)
      I swear by that powder! I’ve got their press powder, studio fix and blot powder too! Personally I prefer the Mineralise Skinfinish powder because it makes my skin look really good. Powder is always good to set your foundation. I mean this powder I would say is light coverage - It’s no way near the coverage you get from the studio fix! Sometimes I actually use Studio Fix powder by itself… But I’m a fan of light/medium coverage products :)

      If you feel that the Mineralize Satinfinish foundation gives you the right coverage you want then you should deffo go for the powder! I’ve literally gone through about 4 compacts! I love it! Gives a really nice & natural complexion :) & does matte-fy your skin too with a light coverage :) you might she a little bit of shine throughout the day but there’s not harm in using blot powder or even carrying this powder along with you :) One thing you could do is go to a MAC counter and get them to try on the Mineralize Satinfinish foundation with the Minzeralize Skinfinish Powder on top & see how you go? I recommend you to go home and see what it looks like because the lighting in those kind of stores is never the same as normal places! LOL I hope that helps Zahra! Let me know if you want any more :) xx

  2. surbhi says:

    Omg! Niralee grew up! She is beautiful. I love Ria’s hair. They both look great.

  3. Tiffany says:

    I like the 2nd look you did on Niralee! What shade is the contour kit used on her by sleek? All the looks you did are beautiful by the way! :)

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