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Good evening my lovelies. I’ve been a bit of a stranger online recently. I blame this horrible virus I had and the dreaded flu. I’ve been ill on and off for about a good 2 months now, which explains my crazy behaviour. However, minus the fact that I still sound bunged up (yes, STILL) I am feeling much better! I just finished my night time routing and have added a couple of products in there that have transformed my skin.

I know a lot of my readers are Asian and we all know that we got the short end of the stick when it comes to pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation in our skin. But I’ve found two great products which have made me feel so much more comfortable in my own skin.

Today, I’m going to share my two favourite skincare products for pigmentation on your face.

Skincare - Favourite Products for Pigmentation Vichy Idealia Pro and La Roche-Posay Effaclar DuoIdealia Pro* by Vichy £29 available HERE
Effaclar Duo* by La Roche-Posay £13 available HERE

I tend to get stress spots which are spots underneath my skin that love to leave behind really dark pigmented circles - the joy! Like most Asian/Indian girls I have pigmentation around my mouth and eyes. I have noticed a massive difference when using these almost every night for the past month or so. I would like to say that both products work equally well for me (Effaclar Duo may actually work a teeny-weeny bit better! Did I just say that?! :oops:).

If I were to choose only one of these to own, then it would have to be the Idealia Pro by Vichy. This is purely because I prefer the consistency and scent to this - to me it smells like tea :) But, if you’re not bothered about that then the Effaclar Duo is perfect.

These have become firm favourites of mine and I will continue to use these (well, one of them, depending on when they run out VS my next pay day) forever and ever :)

Do you suffer from pigmentation or hyper pigmentation? Have you tried these products before?

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4 Responses to Skincare | My Favourite Products For Pigmentation

  1. surbhi says:

    My mom and I were just talking about pigmentation the other day! Can’t wait to try these products. xoox

  2. Ysis says:

    Thanks for posting about these products, hun! I suffer from hypergimentation as well, and so far I’ve been using the Eucerin Even Brighter range, which seems to work, but it’s taking a while.
    I really want to try the products you mentioned. Do you use one or the other, or both together?

    Ysis :) xx

    • Kaushal says:

      Hi my lovely. No problem at all :) I tend to use whichever one depending on how I’m feeling. Vichy is better to travel with as it’s in a hard bottle (if that makes sense). They’re both as good, Effaclar Duo probably a teeny bit better x

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