Topshop, like I’ve never known before!

Hi dolls. How are you all? I’m so, so cold - I really don’t like winter. Over the weekend I went to the new Westfield & came back with things I didn’t necessarily need but definitely wanted after seeing/trying them on! When I think of clothing store make-up I don’t really think WOW but after falling ‘Head Over Heels’ (literally) with a Topshop cream blush I couldn’t help but take a little de-tour to their cosmetic section. As you guessed… I came back with a heck of a lot of stuff which was too pretty to put down! I thought I’d show you my collection as a whole & what I would recommend.

Here you have it! I got 4 products yesterday, lip stick, khol & 2 highlighters. It’s reasonably priced but you can easily end up spending quite a lot. All together that cost me just over £30. But hey, it’s totally okay to treat yourself once & a while ;) Pictured above is:

  • Head Over Heels £6 - cream blush
  • Pop £6 - blush
  • Skin Glow Light £10 - highlighter
  • Polished £9 - highlighter from their new A/W 2011 collection, Smoke & Mirrors
  • Petrol £6 - khol
  • Rapturous £7 - matte lip stick
  • Global £8 - Bronzer

Rapturous - I’ve been after a red lipstick with orange undertones for a while now. This colour is gorgeous on, people at work loved it & were super surprised that it was from Topshop. One down side is, that it isn’t moisturising at all (NARS Pure Matte Lipsticks are the BEST by far). However, it’s nothing like a good Carmex base which can’t sort that out.

Petrol - Jewel tones are so in this season, & me loving different coloured eye liners I thought I’d give this unusual green a go. Stunning colour but it transfers onto my upper lid throughout the day. In my opinion, no eye liners should do that - I hate having to add an extra step, of dusting translucent powder on top, when I’m trying to get ready in fast mode during the morning. But I may just have to give this SPECIAL treatment. I reckon it would also look lovely on the lower lash line.

Pop - I like to wear this when I want a bright ‘POP‘ on my cheeks. For the price this is really good! Staying power is very good too.

Head Over Heels - AMAZING, one of my best buys in Topshop make-up! Colour, texture, longevity & usage is second to none. I even use this on my lips!

Global - this has been my go-to bronzer for my entire face since I’ve been back from my holiday. PERFECT amount of shimmer for everyday use. My tan is pretty much gone on my face (oh, how I miss it :() but I’ve also tried using it as a contour & it does a good job.

Polished - I have become a highlighter freak recently & this is very close with my Benefit ‘High Beam’ & Daniel Sandler ‘Icing’ highlighters! It’s SUPER-DUPER pigmented as you can tell. This is definitely more of a night time highlighter than day (but I did wear it today to try it out properly! :oops:)

Skin Glow Light - I’ve never seen something quite like this. When you pump it out it’s a pearl colour but as soon as you start to blend you can see these AMAZING pink & iridescent colours shining through. I have a feeling it’s going to becoming one of my staple products. My friend & I both snapped one up straight away!

This is the gorgeous Rapturous on. I love experimenting with different lip stick colours & this has definitely stood out. I am in two minds about the dryness to this but I think it’ll just stick it out :)

Hope you liked my little Topshop haul. I will show you the other bits I bought over the weekend in another haul but have been so drained recently it’s unreal! Does winter make anyone else feel like that, or is it just me?

Have you ever tried TOPSHOP make up before? Love to know what you think or if I’m the only one that seems super impressed with some of their products! Until next time my beauties…

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22 Responses to Topshop, like I’ve never known before!

  1. Shopping Bag Full Of Dreams says:

    Love your purchases very worth the £30!
    I especially love the 2 blushes and your bronzers and highlighters :) xx

    • Kaushal says:

      The highlighter has become my favourite, and the blushes & bronzers LOL I’m very impressed with their make-up range! x

  2. Shifa says:

    Great haul! You’re making me lust all their products now. You have to try out their nail paints too!

  3. roshni says:

    I LOVE Rapturous on you - what a gorgeous colour! I’ve never tried TopShop makeup but I would love to! xx

  4. Promise says:

    I’m loving the highlighters, I’m such a highlighter freak as well, I think it always looks so gooorgeous and that lipstick is such a stunning colour.

  5. Kuki says:

    Wow! Rapturous looks how MAC’s Lady Danger looks on me! Ooh! Topshop Neon Rose blush, I love!

  6. Romzs says:

    Ugh, I love Topshop makeup! But sucks that I have to always preorder it as it’s not available (yet) in my country! :( Rapturous looks amazing on you! x

  7. G A B Y says:

    Head Over Heels is simply stunning!

  8. msRinz says:

    hmmm how i wish there’s a TopShop here. I love the lip color by the way super beautiful on you

  9. MrAJBx3 says:

    wow i need to try out the cream blush!! :O -
    check out Triple F and leave a comment (Fivefridayfavourites)

  10. SD says:

    great buy! wish there’s TopShop here!

  11. Kim says:

    That’s two more blushes to add to my shopping list now! I picked up two new Topshop lippies and a lip liner yesterday. Such amazing quality and wear, really impressed. Love your swatches! xx

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