More than just a Magazine.

OH MY GOSH. I just got back from driving around like a headless chicken! Rumour has it that GLAMOUR magazine are giving away BENEFIT make-up with their July 2010 issue… Guess what dolls? After an hour of driving around I’m more than happy to tell you that… It’s TRUE! For £2 you get Glamour magazine & Benefit make-up! What MORE could you possibly ask for, for £2?! & what makes this even better than a bargain is that the make-up is FULL SIZE. No tester rubbish for us girls! We get the full deal

With the issue you either get:

  • BADgal Pencil (smouldering black eye pencil)
  • Eye Bright (instant eye brightener)
  • It stick (concealer stick)

These products are roughly £14 each which means were saving £12 & getting Glamour magazine for free OR getting a Benefit product completely FREE with the magazine! (Which ever way you want to look at it!) This issue is DEFINITELY more than just a magazine! I got the Eye Bright pencil as I already have the BADgal eyeliner (which is amazing for smokey eyes might I add!) & the It Stick was not on the shelf :( So…

… the Eye Bright pencil is SUPER easy to use for tired looking eyes. You simply apply a stroke to the inner & outer eye, then BLEND with your finger & VOILÀ! Your eyes will instantly be brightened! :) Perfect for when you’re on the go, as it fits into your purse too ;) I will be trying it tomorrow morning as I’m off to the X-Factor Auditions :) & NO I’m not trying out! I’m just going to watch! But look out for my Tweets dolls!

P.S - Get it before they sell out everywhere! I had to go to a petrol station to get mine… & I’m definitely going to have another look this week to get the It Stick :oops: