Nails | My nail care routine.

Nails - My Current Nail Care Routine 2013 My Nail Care RoutineHappy Sunday my gems. Today one is going to sharing her nail care routine with you all! I have had a few people ask how I get my nails looking the way they do, so here’s a quick run down of the products I use in my current nail care routine.

Magic Nail Polish Remover by Bourjois £4.99 available HERE - firstly I gotta make sure my nails are polish free and I use this lovely pot of goodness. Mess free, quick and easy… What more could you want, right? Read more about it HERE.

Cuticle Pusher £3.99 available HERE - I love a good clean cuticle! I use my trusty cuticle pusher to do this. Less is more and being gentle is key. You can get lots of different versions of this made from wood or plastic but I prefer the metal version. You can get similar ones from somewhere like Sally’s or Beauty Express.

Ms. Manicure Cuticle Nippers (unfortunately it doesn’t look like Boots currently stock these but you can also get something similar from your local drugstore or Sally’s) -  next I like to trim any excess cuticle/dead skin I may have. Again, I have to be super careful as you don’t wanna get any extra skin nipped off. But I love the difference it makes in my nails :)

Nail file £1.25 available HERE - nail shape is key! I like my nails to generally look quite square (or on the odd occasion, oval). One thing I would say is to file in one direction, as it causes less chipping. I don’t use any fancy file, just your bog standard nail file does the trick :)

Cuticle Oil Plus by ORLY £13.40 available HERE - last but not least I use my favourite cuticle oil on to keep my nails looking moisturised :) I love this because my skin soaks it up really well and smells absolutely gorgeous - like cola cubes, yummers!

I hope this post was helpful. If there is anything you do in your nail care routine or any products you’d recommend, then please leave me a comment below as I’d love to know :)


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2 Responses to Nails | My nail care routine.

  1. Meesha Kaw says:

    I have recently started massaging my cuticles with virgin coconut oil, but I have not observed a difference yet. My cuticles are not dry though. They do look a little out of shape, not a perfect U. I just want to make sure I maintain that I suppose. Great post as always! Btw thanks for the follow, made me feel quite special. I nominated you for another award! Check it out if have a chance …

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