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Evening dolls. Not only have I been feeling quite blue recently, but so have my nails! In this horrid (and not to mention absolute freak show) weather I wanted something bright on my nails. I am getting a little bored of my usual pinks, corals, reds and darks and wanted something a little different. I was on the hunt of a nice, bright blue and along came Bleu Fabuleux by Bourjois.

Bleu Fabuleux by Bourjois £5.99 available from Boots HERE.

I picked up this little bottle on trip to Boots or Superdrug (I can’t quite remember which one). It’s pretty much the only bright blue that I could find in the UK drugstores. In a nut shell the colour is gorgeous, application is a dream but longevity is absolutely RUBBISH!

I rarely (and I mean RARELY) blog about products that I don’t like but I actually love the colour. However, I now remember why I steer clear from Bourjois nail polishes - they just don’t seem to last on me. But then again, I can’t complain too much as I tend to switch up my nail colour every 2ish days. But still, paying almost £6 for a nail polish that doesn’t even last me 24 hours let alone 7 days like it says on the bottle - I’d be a fool to buy this again :oops:

Have you tried Bourjois nail polishes before? What do you think of them?


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