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Hi dolls. I’ve had this post planned for a while now but have just got round to putting it all together. I ALWAYS over pack - I dread to show you just how much beauty products I took with me on holiday. I thought this post will not help some of you but also me for whenever I need to pack for a holiday again… All I’ll need to do is look back at my favourites! I’ve picked my top 10 (…. Okay I lie, 11! LOL) favourite beauty & hair products I would not have been able to survive without.

Sunscreen & Aftersun

Soltan SPF 50 - RRP £9.99
Soltan Aftersun Tan Prolonger - RRP £5.49

I cannot forget good ol’ Mr. Sunscreen! Soltan is great because it’s good quality & always on offer! We should always be protecting our skin (yes, even during winter!!) but on holiday you need extra protection. I used SPF 50 & 30. I didn’t layer them to make it ‘SPF 80′ because is DOESN’T work like that. After doing a lot of research on SPF (I don’t leave the house without it), the only factor which actually proctects your skin is the last factor you put on :) So basically if you use a moisturiser with SPF 30 then put a foundation/tinted moisturiser on with SPF 15 …. You’re only protected with SPF 15…. Unless the website lied to me, LOL. The resort gave us some ALOE VERA gel & this was my savour for when my skin got really burnt! I will have to get some of that for other holidays, as it works like a charm. Also, I can’t forget my tan prolonger!! I love this stuff - it makes my tan lasts for ages. I even use it after I get back :)

Carmex Moisture Plus

Carmex Moisture Plus - RRP: £4.50 from ASOS.

I don’t know what I’d do without this tinted tube of goodness! Carmex lip balm with a pink tint & SPF 15?! *JAW DROPS*. It left my lips with a perfect pink tint & not forgetting the uber softness of them! I can’t find a single fault in this product. I’ll be doing a full review & swatches of all the products in the Moisture Plus range very soon, so keep your eyes pealed! I’ve got a swatch of it bellow for you dolls too :)

BB Cream

Garnier BB Cream - RRP: £9.99 from Superdrug

This has been my SAVIOUR for the past month or so. I use it on a daily basis & feel like it’s definitely improved the texture of my skin :) This BB cream is highly pigmented, meaning you only need to use a little for your face! I used to mix this in with other darker tinted moisturisers/bronzers for it to match my skin due to my tan. I will do a full review with swatches & how it look like on my skin within the next couple of weeks :)

Z Palette

RRP: £15.99 from Love Make Up

I’ve had this Z Palette laying around for months now & have only just started making use of it. I felt like hitting myself around the head for not using this earlier! Lord knows where my old MAC palettes are after using this bad boy! I am truly CONVERTED! I have pretty much every MAC eye shadow of mine in here & it perfect for reducing the amount of storage for make up along & perfectly for travelling!

Virgin Eye Shaddow

I love SIMPLE make up on holiday. Which means a lot of winged eyes & highlighted brow bones with a pop of colour or muted lips :) This was my favourite highlighter throughout my trip. The only down side of this was that I had to take my whole Naked Palette for just this one colour… I wish I had this as a single eye shadow, booo!

Ever Hip & Orange Shiver

I splurged about £20 for Ever Hip off of eBay (damn you limited editions!) as after seeing it in real life, I knew I had to have it & guess what? It was probably the best £20 I have spend in a while (on make up)!! I didn’t even touch my Vegas Volt or Costa Chic (even though I do adore those colours), Ever hip just has a lovely PINK tone to the coral :) I’d just like to say thank a big thank you to Ever Hip for coming into my make up collection… I promise to treat you well :)

I thought I’d go mad in Duty Free. However, I only came out with this gorgeous YSL lippy & I think it was another perfume. Any ways, I was after an orangey/red. At first I wanted to get So Chaud but MAC didn’t stock it at that particular duty free (weird? Sort it out MAC!). Thankfully, I saw this beautiful lipstick at the YSL counter & treated myself :) I do LOVE YSL Rouge Volutpe listicks, even though they are slightly more expensive than others & due to their amazing creamy qualities they run out a little faster than the rest… I still can’t get enough! Also, my OPERA ROSE lipstick broke in half a few months back as I was in a rush & forgot the lid one night out, I was really upset :( so I had to get another ;) Any who, here are some swatches.

RioBlush City Gal*

RioBlush City Girl Firming Leg Shimmer RRP: £40 from

I would never have thought to take this on holiday but I’m so glad I did. This gave my legs (& arms!) a gorgeous glow in the evenings when we went to dinner & what-not, as you can see above. You have to give it a good 10-15 minutes to dry & there on it’s NON-TRANSFERABLE!! Trust me, I tested it (I hade white bed sheets!). It made my skin look & feel a-la-Jessica Alba - who is also a fan of this product! I used this every day & definitely saw some difference in the texture of my skin. I also had a horrible mosquito bite smack bang in the middle of one of my shins, & this helped cover that & all other imperfections :) A little goes a long way for this so I think £40 is money well spend! You can get this from HERE. I hope they come out with this in an non-tinted version - I can image it being fab!

got2b Beach Matt & GHDs

got2b Beach Matte Paste - RRP £4.07 from Boots
GHDs - RRP £99

I probably wouldn’t get the got2b Beach Matte Paste again as I felt it made my hair feel weighed down & heavy but I’m actually glad I got this as a last minute hair product! It smells amazing. You have to be careful with the amount you put in as it can make your hair feel very greasy - which is what I didn’t like. But after getting used to it, it gave me a nice TEXTURIZED hair for the evenings :) I wanted fuss free hair for the evenings as I knew I wouldn’t be bothered to straighten it so a product like this is a must! I’d probably opt for the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray next time, as I love their products. Has anyone tried that before? If so, do let me know :)

I can’t forget my trusty GHDs. I have really curly, weird  not to mention ANNOYING bits of hair around my face which I prefer to be straighter so I knew I had to take this along with me! A lot of you asked how I got my hair like THIS from my post last week - it was actually with a bit of got2b Beach Matt paste & GHDs to curl the front :) Easy peasy!

So there we have it, my favourite beauty & hair products :) I hope this helps us all when packing for our next holidays! Have a lovely weekend bellas!

* This product was sent to me - 100% honest review as always!

18 thoughts on “Holiday Beauty & Hair Products

  1. I think you were rather good with what you brought on holiday!! I probably would of packed 3 extra palettes or lippys that I’d never of used, haha. Can’t wait for your review of the new Carmex product, it looks lovely! x

    • Oh my gosh, I can’t show you everything that I took!! LOL I over pack everywhere I go, I think it’s a problem I have, haha! x

  2. Like you I literally didn’t even touch my ghd’s on holiday except for baby hairs around my face but that doesn’t count haha! Love the sound of all the products you mentioned :) xx

  3. i didn’t know carmex do tinted lip balms! :O:O, where have i been? Lol,

    [] xx
    [] xx

  4. great post … bumble n bumble surf spray is wikid tho i think the bb texture is far better for flexibility n texture… iv reviewed them both on my blog if u wanna check it out x

  5. I think I’ll be using this post as like a check list for when I go on holiday next! Looks like you’ve thought of everything here :)

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