FOTD: Vegas Volt & Delinquent.

Hi my loves! I’ve been wearing all the bits I got over the weekend (yes, even sitting at home! LOL) & totally loving them all too. As you probably know, I’ve been wearing lots of eye liner & lip stick recently so I put together this quick FOTD for you dolls - a lot of you wanted to know how ‘Vegas Volt’ looked like on & here you have it…

You Rebel tinted moisturiser by Benefit.
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural face powder by MAC.
Garnier Tinted Eye Roll On as a concealer.

Hoola by Benefit as a contour.
Super Orgasm by Nars as highlight.

Maximum Curl Mascara by Natio.
Delinquent 24/7 Glide On Eye Shadow Pencil by Urban Decay as top liner.

Vegas Volt by MAC.

I’ve just got to say that I wore ‘Delinquent’ to work today. I put it on before 7Am this morning & it hasn’t budged, nor smudged or even transferred onto my eye lid. Can you say AMAZING? I prefer these to their eye liners as the pencil is thicker & after my last experience with the tip breaking off (because it’s way too soft) I’m happy that I found these! I’m so glad I’m getting more colours, I can’t wait to show you what they’re like :) I think these will be in my staple beauty bag!

Also, ‘Vegas Volt’ is such a gorgeous coral/orange colour with lovely pinky/peachy undertones. Definitely a SUMMER colour, that’s for sure!

What ONE PRODUCT are you loving the most recently? I’d love to know (& possibly, even maybe, add it to my wish list ;) )

P.S - Are you dolls doing anything for the Royal Wedding?

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62 Responses to FOTD: Vegas Volt & Delinquent.

  1. Shirley says:

    LOVE the combination of the liner and vibrant lip! I gonna try!!


  2. Stephanie Cummins says:

    ooo vegas volt really suits you!! gorgeous colour!!

  3. PinkSweetSz says:

    Im so jelous at how every Colour of lipstick seems to suit you!! Lol Nothing suits me!

  4. Shifa says:

    You look gorgeous hun! Love the lip shade on you :)

  5. Sundari says:

    oooo what is the your rebel moisturiser like? i’ve always wondered whether it’d suit my skin tone. is it quite light/natural?
    love your face xxx

    • Kaushal says:

      It’s lovely! Has a great glow to it - it’s more of a summer thing than any other season to be honest! You should definitely get a sample or get one of the Bene-girls to try it on you. It comes in two colours, one’s light and the other is medium-to-darkish I’d say :) deffo give it a go doll x

      • Sundari says:

        oooh awesome. which tone do you use? think i’ll go in and get them to try it on me thanks so much for the advice ^^ xxx

        • Kaushal says:

          I have both :oops: LOL I use the ‘lite’ one during the colder (less tanned months) & the darker one during a holiday when I’m tanned LOL no worries doll! xx

  6. Sophie says:

    Vegas Volt looks AMAZING. I’m obsessed with coral at the moment, so this is definitely going on my wishlist! I love the colour of the lipstick with the bright purple eyeliner - I really don’t wear any other colour eyeliner apart from black, but yours looks lovely so I’ll have to start experimenting with different colours! MAC’s Lady Danger is on my wishlist, it’s such a perfect orange toned red and unfortunately I haven’t found a high street version I love as much yet! x

    • Kaushal says:

      Same, I love coral too! I didn’t wear any other colours apart from black/brown but now I’m always wearing different colours :) I’ve seen swatches of that & it deffo loks amazing! x

  7. Promise says:

    I’ve got Vegas Volt as well, looks gorgeous on you.

    Loving how you translated the colour blocking trend with the eyeliner as well, beautiful…x

  8. thedollymixdiaries says:

    Gorgeous FOTD Kaushal! I have added the UD eyeshadow pencils and Vegas Volt to my list:D

    I bought my first Velvet matte lip pencil in Cruella from NARS today and I absolutely love it. I’ll blog about it this week.


    • Kaushal says:

      They’re amazing - great for long days & you don’t have to touch them up or anything :) OMG, I really want their matte lip pencils (I’ve got their pure matte lipsticks) but still LOL can’t wait to see your post on it x

  9. Tass says:

    Oooh the lippie is beautiful. I definitely have to get it now! xx

  10. Lily says:

    Vegas Volt really suits you - not seen somebody pull it off so well before!

  11. roshni says:

    You are sooooo beautiful! I’m loving the lipstick on you - I’m going to try out this look xxxx

  12. Libby says:

    I love this color on you!! Even more so than Morange. Can you do an FOTD w/ Costa Chica? I’m thinking about picking that lippie next & would love to see a look w/ that color :)

    I’m really loving Milani products as of late. I just picked up a few of their Jewel FX nail polishes, and I am in GLITTER HEAVEN! :) I’m also really loving my MAC SFX foundation, esp. after using BE’s mineral foundation after the last few months. It’s nice to switch back to liquid foundation after using powder since it’s less messy. x_x

    • Kaushal says:

      I sure can do :) I will do a coral-y look or something! Ahh, love the products you’ve been wearing recently! x

  13. Sriya says:

    Vegas Volt looks amazing on you! xx

  14. vikki @ says:

    Gorgeous!!! I love the colours that is such a pretty lipstick shade & deffo going to invest in some different coloured eyepencils xx

  15. innerbelle says:

    LOVE IT!

  16. tierra berry says:

    Vegas Volt is so pretty! I tried to buy it but it was sold out :(

  17. Marie a la Mode says:

    Gorgeous FOTD! I need to try Hoola! It looks like a beautiful color.

  18. Lilit says:

    Delinquent looks amazing, i love how simple it is but packs a punch! I need to get myself a similar liner/crayon asap (we don’t have UD in Australia unfortunately). And the lippy also looks gorgeous.

  19. Heather says:

    Lovely! I wish that lippie looked that good on me!

  20. Ayshe Ismail says:

    such a beautiful look, love the eyeliner in particular. i’ll need to try out a similar face like this! I am scared of colour on my lips though, but we’ll see, the lipstick is lovely on you :-)

    • Kaushal says:

      I used to never wear lip products, but you wear it once (in a busy busy place) then you’ve scared the fear out of you & can wear it anywhere and everywhere! Well, that’s what I did hehe x

  21. Sana says:

    You are so pretty!! I love your lipstick color, I wish I could pull that off! I always feel like people stare at me when I wear bright colors:(


    • Kaushal says:

      I used to feel the same… What I did was got a MUA to put a lovely, bold red lippy on in the middle of busy Selfridges! Totally made me more confident in wearing bold/bright colours x

  22. Saim says:

    Vegas Volt looks FAB on you!

  23. Laiqah says:

    So pretty Kaushal! ♥
    I love this combo, I think I’m going to buy some colour eyeliners later… You make me want to try it!
    Doubt it’s going to look that good though! :)

  24. Sharon says:

    u look absolutely beautiful as always..LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Vegas Volt on u=PRETTY!!!!

  25. Maaya says:

    Wow, lovelovelove the purple! Really makes me want to experiment with more colours :-)
    Also I didn’t realise the You Rebel tinted moisturiser by Benefit could be used on indian skintones I thought it was only for fair skinned (meaning caucasian skintones) xxx

    • Kaushal says:

      No no, they do 2 different shades in it :) It’s my favourite tinted moisturiser x

      • Maaya says:

        Oooh will definitely have to pick that up!
        I’ve been looking for a good tinted moisturiser :) Would you say it’s good for someone with combo/oily skin? x

        • Kaushal says:

          It’s quite thick, but it should be fine for combo/oily skin - how about getting a sample of it before you actually buy it? xx

  26. Kajal Couture says:

    I’ll have to try those shadow pencils as liners, great idea! My newest fave is the MAC studio sculpt, and I know you just picked it up so I can’t wait to hear how you like it.

    As far as the royal wedding, here in the US people are going crazy and are excited….I just wish I didn’t have to wake up super early to watch it. I can’t even imagine how crazy things must be in London!! What will you be doing during that time? Watching from home?

  27. Alish says:

    Beautiful! x x

  28. Vida Lee says:

    Omg I love the way this looks on you! It works well with the eyeliner. Loving your blog, I’m a new follower =)

  29. abha says:

    vegassssssss volt is wht a colourrrrrrrrrrrrrr one of my all time favs….its so perfectly summery right now…great post

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