I’m back gems! I hope you had a LOVELY Christmas weekend! Here we go for the next 10 of my 100 things…

I think pugs are the cutest little dogs!

I’m such a hopeless romantic! I love anything to do with romance.

I’ll always stop what I’m doing to help others out. No matter what.

Getting cute messages makes me light up! Especially the really unexpected ones :)

I love having little picnics in the summer. It’s such a good way to spend time with your loved one.

I like being creative in all aspects of my life.

I love learning about new things. Whether that’s food, culture, science, art… You can never stop learning!

I love finding myself a really good bargain. Makes me happy :)

One of my favourite drinks! Fruity Martini’s are yummy!

I dunno what it is about this smell that I like. Probably because it reminds me of cake.
Source: All images from weheartit

Until next week, dolls :)

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22 Responses to FOURTY.

  1. Sriya says:

    Aaaaah the smell of blown out candles <3
    I love the pics for all of these :) xx

  2. COURTZMELV says:

    pugs are so so cute!
    i agree with you on nearlly all the things you listed! i’m also a hopeless romantic, love little picnis, and soppy texts too. I always stop what i’m doing to help out someone else, and the smell of something thats just burnt out is lush!x

  3. sugar sugar says:

    cute pictures! i can relate to some of the stuff you wrote. =)

  4. surbhi says:

    Ugh. The smell of a blown out candle. I always think of you when I blow a candle out. It makes me cringe.

  5. Sarah Mar'atul Azizah says:

    aah, i love some too. receiving cute text message, going on picnic, being creative, learning new things, bargaining sale, and the smell of a blown out candle.. they build a sweet memory right? ;)

  6. innerbelle says:

    aw i luv dese posts!

  7. Sana says:

    I love these posts of yours! I wanna do it too but I don’t wanna be a copy cat hehe!

    P.S I love learning about new things too! I always google weird things and then read about them. The other day it was toothpaste. Go figure :s. xx

    • Kaushal says:

      YES! You have to! I’m tagging bloggers once I finish so if you want I’ll tag you LOL toothpaste?! This sounds interesting hehe x

      • Sana says:

        Ooooh yes! Then i won’t be just copying you lol!!! I know toothpaste. Me and my sister were talking about how it was invented so I logged on to Google. I Google everything! Hehe x

        • Kaushal says:

          LOL I’ll be sure to tag you I think I’m tagging about 3 so far LOL but they’re so much fun! Haha, wow I’ll have to tweet you about this! LOL x

  8. roshas says:

    loving this post <3 i wish i was a hopeless romantic - i hate all things romance ( i don't know why ? :( ) omg i love the smell of burnt out candles too <3 xx

  9. smaira says:

    omg could we be the same person?!!! i agree with 99% of these!!! such a lovely post :)

  10. DalaLuz says:

    I really like your no 33, helping people out, nicely done.

    I always get a bit frustrated when it comes to being hopefully romantic because I think I need to feel something but I am not sure what… I have probably been hopelessly scarred for romantic life by growing up with nothing but men around, haha. I really never ‘get’ how women are ‘supposed to be’, so I am extremely apt at ruining absolutely any romantic setting. I fear my husband has just given up (trying to be romantic, not on me!) But then again, we are still hopelessly foolish gits, dancing around in the kitchen and making up our own, most silly songs, so I think we are doing quite allright even without the rose petals :-)

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