Golden Globes 2011

Hi dolls! How are we all? I hope you’re well. I thought I’d do a quick post on my TOP 5 outfits for the Golden Globes over the weekend & the WORST!

My top 5 are…

1. Mila Kunis
Dress by Vera Wang.

2. Lea Michele
Dress by Oscar de la Renta.

3. Carrie Underwood
Dress by Badgley Mischka Couture

4. Anne Hathaway
Dress by Armani Privé

5. Sandra Bullock
Dress by Jenny Packham

I pretty much liked the neutral toned dresses for some reason but also the pop of colour. Mila Kunis’ dress is amazing! All five dresses are very ELEGANT (& I would wear them any day! LOL)… The on shoulder dresses were all fab this year :) Sandra’s dress reminded me of a sari!

Okay, so now onto the WORST for me this year…

Tilda Swinton
Dress by Jil Sander
Source: All Images from TMZ

Okay, this is just wrong!? What was her stylist thinking?! It seriously looks like she’s wearing a potato sack - NOT a good look that’s for sure!

So dolls, I’m going to do a FOTD very soon… If you have any suggestions leave them in the comment box :)

Call me an addict… But I love FCUK!

If you read one of my previous posts I mentioned that I went to a sample sale over the weekend… A French Connection UK sample sale, to be precise. This has to be my FAVOURITE brand for dresses. They never fail to disappoint me… even more so when they have their generous sales going on!

Last weekend, from Friday-Sunday, they had a SAMPLE SALE. This is basically where there are racks & racks of clothes for you to look through & everything is really cheap! You might not find what you’re looking for from their website but you’re sure to find something from them! I just HAD to go because I wanted to experience these sales (which are popping up a lot in the UK) & also to see if I could find something nice to go into my wardrobe… Here’s what I came back with…

To be honest, I thought the sale would be full of old, horrible things that FCUK wanted to get rid of. But EVERYTHING was pretty much in season! I picked up this sleeveless ‘Dani’ dress! I wanted this in mustard which is on their website but this was only £25 so I couldn’t resist it!

I love the criss-cross work on the dress & not to forget the chunky zip at the back! This isn’t my right size but I’m gonna do some home altering to make it fit properly :) I’ve got the perfect shoes & blazer to complete this outfit :)

I also got another ‘Dani’ dress but this one has long sleeves. The material is quite thick compared to the previous dress - PERFECT for our cold winters :)

This dress has got long panels throughout the whole thing & again another chunky zip at the back! I’ve also got some other gorgeous shoes that are navy blue too that’ll go really well :)

I was REALLY impressed with the sample sale. Everything there was reasonably priced, new with tags & new stock arrived daily. It was only £1 to get in, which might I add went to CHARITY too :) I picked up anything & everything I liked at first into a big clear bag which was given to everyone. But at the end my friend & I chose the things we liked to most to buy. It wasn’t too busy (I did go on the Sunday, maybe that’s why?) but it was a shame you couldn’t try anything on! But… If I lived in London I think I might have gone EVERYDAY in case I missed any bargains! :oops:

Also, a few weeks ago I went to Bicester Shopping Village to get my friend a present but stopped in their FCUK outlet shop & picked up 2 things, I couldn’t RESIST :oops: As they’re FCUK too, I thought I’d pop them into the post!

I wore this dress the other week! The material is really soft. I love the quality of FCUK clothes AND it’s super comfy!

They had this dress in grey & black but I loved the UNUSUAL blue(ish)-turquoise(ish) colour of this one! Again, it’s fairly thick material so good for the colder months :)

Recently, I’ve had a thing about PLAYSUITS & now jumpsuits too! Well this ones in between but as soon as I saw this I grabbed it hoping it would fit me! Luckily it fit like a glove!

Sorry about the creases - I’ve worn this already too! FCUK seem to have a thing with chunky zips at the back because this has one too! I LOVE the material of this! It’s thick & silky! Goes really well a grey blazer of mine :)

The outlet shop isn’t as cheap as the sample sale but it still works for me :) Have you been to a sample sale before? Or Bicester Shopping Village? What are your thoughts?

… Until next time dolls!

P.S - I’ve gotta admit… I did feel a bit like MONICA from friends when she went to that sample sale for her wedding dress! LOL

Tea party.

Hey dolls! How are you all doing? I’ve been going crazy the past few days! I’ve been impulse buying like crazy - I REALLY should stop now… But we’ll see how that goes ;) Last Thursday I was invited to my first bloggers’ event by the lovely Beth from MINT VELVET.

It was held at a really CUTE café just off of Oxford Street - very intimate & welcoming. The atmosphere was super relaxing. I went with a couple of friends to preview their AW10 collection!

My friends & I came to the conclusion that their collection reminded us a little bit of FCUK… But Mint Velvet had a little more of a PROFESSIONAL kick to their collections with a hint of quirky-ness :) The collection is full of loads of dusty colours… like grey, greens, browns & even purples!

I was immediately drawn to their DRESSES! I like how you can get away with wearing them out as well as to work! With a blazer jacket & the right accessories. Definitely hit two birds with one stone there :)

The accessories were quite “ROCK CHICK-Y” - I quite liked them! Especially a black necklace that you can see in the middle picture on the table :) One thing I LOVED about this collection is their BOOTS!! They seriously are very nice - Unfortunately they didn’t have any in my size  (or my friends’) on display so we couldn’t try them on. I might have to get myself a pair for Autumn from their website… Depending on how generous I’m feeling :)

We got to taste some LOVELY things during the event. One of my friends & I tried their crushed rose & champagne drink which was LUSH! It was so nice & SWEET… & my other friend had a lemon drink which was nice too :) They had some amazing nibbles there too… The caramel profiteroles were to die for! We were all sent away with a little goodie bag with a silver necklace inside, a little booklet with more information on their AW10 collection as well as one item of clothing each! Knowing me I picked up a GORGEOUS silk dress (it’s actually pictured in the 3rd picture from the top… Bottom left hand corner - in case you were wondering ;) )

You can view their collection on their website or a store near you…
(Which can be found on their website too!)

The day involved lots of browsing, shopping & eating :) I’ve just got to say that some of the Selfridge’s girls at the beauty counters were AMAZING! Don’t you love it when you get served really well? It put such a big smile on us girls :) … We ended the day with a lovely birthday meal (courtesy of my gorgeous friends) at a Lebanese restaurant off of Oxford street called “MAROUSH“… The food was fab! Here’s a little preview of the different dishes we had… My favourite was their FALAFEL :)

Did you guys do anything over the weekend? I went to Bull Ring & met up with one of my friends. Watch out for that post :)

10% off Dorothy Perkins dresses!

Yes dolls! Dorothy Perkins are offering 10% OFF all of their NEW seasonal dresses (full price only) till MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!! There are over 300 to choose from & I’ve seen some cute ones on there… Which, with the discount, turn out to be £15-£30 !! That’s a BARGAIN & a half if you ask me!! Grab some fab dresses, before it’s too late ;)

Check out their website for more!

P.S - What are your FAVOURITE ones?