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Afternoon my lovelies. I thought it was about time to start a new feature on my blog every week, something that’ll benefit us all in a very different way. Motivational Monday was born. Today I bring to you an article that my other half wrote last weekend. He is my rock and keeps me positive (as much as I can because I can be a right big baby sometimes!) and wanting the best in life for me. He is someone I respect and love so much. Below is something that we should all try and think about. Even if this make a small difference in your life or maybe even the day that you’re having, it would be amazing! Take it away, boo!

Download & save the article by clicking HERE.

Motivational Monday 01

They don’t teach philosophy, metaphysics and quantum physics in relation to “goal-getting” in schools as part of the curriculum. Instead they teach you a lot of things you might not actually need and as a result, produce individuals that aren’t really driven towards their dreams (in alignment to their soul-purpose) because they’re made to believe that they must follow a “certain cycle” to end up anywhere good! What’s worse is that so many of these children go on to become parents as they grow up and support this view, limiting their child’s progression in life. You get people that end up becoming accountants instead of actors, full-time mums instead of dancers, sales assistants instead of full-time bloggers, etc.! Whilst a lot of these lifestyles aren’t perceived as bad, or depressing as such, and they pay the way - plus with the notion that “everything happens for a reason,” there doesn’t seem to be much wrong with it. However if “you only live once” (or consciously remember one life cycle) why not fulfil your dreams in THIS lifetime?! What’s stopping you apart from limited beliefs? Finance, support in general and networks may not be to your advantage but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do what you love! You can create the circumstances you need! People usually manifest their thoughts and if you believe your life is going to take a certain course or should take a certain course, it most probably will - you are right either way, whether you think you can or cannot. Your thoughts are your limitations - don’t think outside the box, think like there is no box and make your wishes your reality!

 Motivational Monday 02

Once you understand the notion of thoughts becoming things and adopt a sanguine attitude towards life, do not quit on your vision or your dreams. Persistence and consistency driven by faith is key – and faith ultimately should be so strong that even when you have EVERY possible reason to quit, you carry on believing; remember that you only fail when you quit! Stumbling, falling, taking a step back, etc. all these instances are not defined under failure – stopping completely is failure! These days we live in a world where people now know what to do yet THEY DON’T DO IT! We’ve got all the proof out there in retrospect to every critique in every field, even one of the latest topics called Biocentrism states that consciousness creates the universe - further proof that your perception shapes reality; yet people still don’t seem to fully grasp it even though they claim to understand it!

Motivational Monday 03

Many people these days have seen/read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (highly recommended) and know about the Law of Attraction, or they’ve read things/heard about people who have had success with being POSITIVE and believing in things with some sort of success. They then decide to do this themselves and have a bit of success with certain things but not with other things, so they give up or start being negative again, until of course, they feel happier; when they start acting positive again (inconsistency)! Some people are super positive and can be extremely faithful to their dreams and then someone they respect (e.g. a parent) or in fact absolutely no good for them will laugh and ridicule their dreams and desires (or give them a “reality check”) and that’s when they start doubting themselves and losing faith.

Motivational Monday 04

Let me tell you something; desire, faith and positivity are full time attitudes you have to adopt in order to reach your end goal – you subconscious mind has to accept it as true (feasible – or rather a true belief) before you can even BEGIN to manifest it into the physical form! Think of a “goal” like a plant – an idea gives it birth; it plants the seeds. This is you beginning to co-create your DESTINY. Desire, faith and positivity nurture this plant; help it through all the conditions of life which you CAN’T CONTROL (yet can react to); known as FATE**! Now every time you have doubt or you’re negative & stop believing, etc., you take away one of the key elements that helps this plant grow and let fate, especially when it’s performing a cruel act such as thunder, get the better of your plant (goal). Now if you continually lose these elements which nurture the plant or intermittently believe in the growth of your plant, you will either make little or no progress, or even possibly KILL the whole idea! The plant doesn’t grow overnight, the plant also takes some thrashing from the world which it can’t control, but yet it’s up to you to water the plant or expose it to conditions which will HELP IT GROW! And when things get hard just remember, pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice! Also keep in mind that everything that happens to you happens for you, so stay strong and allow yourself to elevate naturally through all levels of life!

Motivational Monday 05

The truth is that some people can’t do things themselves, they also don’t always have the best intentions for you or they have an alternative route for you BUT seriously, THEY ARE NOT YOU; you are an individual soul! You know what you want and what’s best for you and if it’s worth pursuing, if you have the right intentions for it and it will lead to a happier, healthier you without having a sinister outcome on anyone, YOU NEED TO PURSUE IT without any distractions! STAY FOCUSED and start giving yourself some credit! Be the captain of your happiness and make the dream come true! You deserve to live The Good Life as much as your idol or your neighbour. You know what to do so there’s no excuse for you not to do it. Get involved with yourself and get those things done that you know will elevate you to the next level of your existence. Keep yourself surrounded with positive people, positive thoughts and influences. Read and apply things that will assist you in a positive way and if someone asks for your help along the journey, don’t hesitate to do so because in life we learn in order to grow for ourselves and to gain the knowledge and wisdom to pass along to others.

Motivational Monday 06

** People find the idea of FATE hard to grasp with astrology, the Law of Attraction, etc. so I hope this analogy helps. It’s also just a quick example that could have many more conditions/outcomes so please keep that in mind:

An example of fate, making the right choices & co-creating your destiny.

A guy’s sitting at home, super-hungry and realises that he has no food left in the house. He looks outside and see that it’s pouring down with rain. The man really doesn’t want to go outside in the rain so he chooses to:

1. Stay home and starve; as a result he feels drained, becomes ill and doesn’t feel happy at all.
2. Jump straight out of the house with a sulky attitude, gets soaked with rain and as a result gets a cold.
3. Jump straight out with his jacket and hat on with a sulky attitude, gets to the shop and realises they’ve ran out of what he wants. As a result he’s in a foul mood and has to make-do with whatever’s available.
4. Jump straight out with his jacket and hat on, although he doesn’t want to, he knows he will get a nice meal at the end of it; as a result he ends his day fully satisfied and completely forgets that he made a fuss over the weather in the first place.

You may not be able to control fate – in this case the weather, but you can choose your decisions wisely and be optimistic about them to change the end result aka your destiny!

Motivational Monday 07

I hope you enjoyed the post, dolls. Look out for some more motivation next Monday :)


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8 Responses to Motivational Monday | 01

  1. Ruchi says:

    Brilliant article and very true! Keep giving us more of your wise words and articles. Love to read them! Positivity is key to everything! God bless!! :)

  2. Eloquent says:

    Hey Kaushal, love your blog and this post is so inspiring. I’m so glad you’re doing this topic, it definitely made me feel more motivated and better about what I’ve always wanted to do in life regarding beauty xx

  3. Parveen says:

    Very motivational and beautifully written!!! I always say realism is another term for pessimism. :)

  4. Tejus Joshi says:

    Amazing article written by an amazing spirit. Thanks for sharing.

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