Skincare | The Silver Soap by Cor

Skincare | The Silver Soap by Cor Review

The Silver Soap 30g £30 available at Harrods/HERE.

I have recently broken out quite a bit, it’s very unlike me as I tend to get about 1 spot a month. I think high stress levels has caused a bit of an outbreak - which I know is not good! What better time to test drive The Silver Soap* by Cor. I was super intrigued by the claims of this product. It contains Nano-Silver and Silica Compound.

Why silver, you may ask? Well, silver is one of the best and natural anti-bacterial agents. It does this by blocking bacteria’s ability to transfer oxygen through its cell walls, which stops bacteria spreading. Silica-Compound on the other hand is Nano-Silvers best friend. It allows it do penetrate the skin and do it’s job! It really gets to the ‘Cor’ of any skin problems and works its magic.

This little ball of joy does it all; cleanses, tones, moisturises, tightens, reduces pore size, reduces signs of ageing and protects against the effects of the sun.

I have been using this on and off for 3 weeks now. It lathers up just the right amount to clean your skin. I prefer taking my makeup off with a wipe before using anything like this. But it’s so quick and easy to use. It’s fool proof. Even the packaging is brilliant, keeps the soap night a clean. It does have a slight funny smell to it but hey, I’m all for natural ingredients in my skincare routine. Every time I use this, is makes my skin feel squeaky clean (literally!). I can feel and tell it’s really doing its job. My skin now is much better than the past month. I can’t say much for my pore size, signs of ageing and protection from the sun but I can say that my skin is more radiant, glowing, smoother, feels much tighter and has given me a more even skin tone. My skin is HAPPY. It has firmly become a holy grail product for me :)

Have you heard or tried any Cor products before?

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4 Responses to Skincare | The Silver Soap by Cor

  1. Aysh says:

    This stuff is incredible! I have the soap & use it to remove makeup, even the stubborn mascara just glides off. Deffo intrigued to try more of their products! :)

    Aysh xox

  2. Ray says:

    The product sounds interesting :)

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