Eyeliner | Best Gel Eyeliners… EVER!

I’m really picky about eyeliners. I tend to never leave the house without it, either tight-lined or as a top liner. I can hand on my heart say that I don’t feel comfortable without it. In comes Avon’s SuperSHOCK Gel Eyeliners*!

SuperSHOCK Gel Eyeliners by Avon £6 available HERE

These are THE most smooth gel eyeliners I have ever tried, by far. Not only that but they are super duper pigmented. The swatches above are in no way heavily swatched. I literally went over the swatches two times in total. Can we just take a moment to admire ‘Aqua Pop’? I’ve never seen something quite like it!!

In the before and after picture you can literally see just how intense these bad boys are. Not only are they pretty darn amazing, but they last all day. I use these to tight-line both my upper and lower waterlines. I find that these are perfect for day and night wear.

One thing I would say to the powers at Avon is ‘more colours please!’ - I could really do with an everyday brown eyeliner, which lasts all day :)

Have you tried the SuperSHOCK gel eyeliners? What do you think of them?

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18 Responses to Eyeliner | Best Gel Eyeliners… EVER!

  1. Maria says:

    I’ve been loving the black one for about 2 years, it’s super good, I wear it every single day. It doesn’t wear off and it’s just amazing. :)

  2. Lupe says:

    These look great! I’ll have to check them out! I love that aqua pop color!:)

  3. Claire says:

    Wow, these look really good! They remind me of the Urban Decay 24/7 liners. Will have to check them out x

  4. anita says:

    I love these aswell! I’m looking into getting the other colours besides black x

  5. amy tibble says:

    I love these too! i have yet to find an eyeliner that even comes close to ease of application, pigmentation and wear time - they are amazing!!


  6. Charu Sharma says:

    nice post…will try these!! :)

  7. Fidela says:

    Wow the aqua pop looks so lovely! I personally use the black hue, and I love it!! when I wear it, I get so much complements.

  8. Sal says:

    Hi Kaushal. I was using the Bonjour Contour clubbing waterproof eyeliner in black, just for my lower waterline. I must say this is a really good gel eyeliner pencil, however since reading your review, and other reviews from this Avon gel eyeliner, I have just ordered the Avon Super Shock gel eyeliner in black, from ebay, for £3.50. As I really like highly pigmented black liquid eyeliners and eye pencils. As I have small eye, it really does help my eyes stand out. I really hope this Avon gel eyeliner will be good, and long lasting.

  9. Sal says:

    Hey Kaushal. Just to let you know, i love the Avon Supershock gel eyeliner! I bought the black one, and i use it, every time i go out, on my lower waterline. You was right about the highly pigmented colour, smooth gliding on your eyes, and long lasting! I absolutely love this gel eyeliner, and threw away my Bonjour one! lol. I have today, purchased another black one, and four other colours, from ebay, which are half the price! WOW! :O I bought also: Aqua pop, Blackberry, Gold flash and sliver. As i’m going abroad in Janurty for my first cousin’s wedding, i will be using them. They will really look amazing on my lower waterline, as we asian’s dress up a lot for weddings, these gel eyeliners are prefect for special occasions and weddings. They will really make your eyes pop out! Can’t wait to receive them. ;)

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