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Lulabelles and Daydreams cards and gifts - Giveaway 01

I have a very exciting post for you all today :) If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram then you know I have a beautiful and ever-so-talented friend who makes the most amazing cards and canvases. The picture above was something she had done for me a few years ago. I cannot begin to even explain how much of a thoughtful, unique and personal gift this is. If you are to give a card, having it super personal like how Laura makes them, will show your love and so much more to the person that receives it :)

Laura. Let me tell you about her. I used to work with her a couple of years ago. She is, and always will be, one of the most shining stars I know. She is getting her little venture off of the ground which is called ‘Lulabelles and Daydreams’. She makes pretty much everything from cards to canvases and memory books to even designing cartoons for hen-do t-shirts! All of her work is drawn by hand and can be personalised how you want it. Have a look at some of her work below.

Lulabelles and Daydreams cards and gifts - Giveaway 02 Lulabelles and Daydreams cards and gifts - Giveaway 03

Feel free to see more of her work on her WEBSITE, or even her FACEBOOK PAGE - you wont want to miss this as she’s made some beautiful things! She’s always posting her designs, inspiring quotes and spreading kick-ass positivity on her INSTAGRAM. Also, please feel free to give her a follow on TWITTER and say hi (she doesn’t bite, promise!) :)

Lulabelles and Daydreams cards and gifts - Giveaway 04

It’s now time for the even more exciting stuff! I asked Laura if she would be happy to give one lucky reader of my blog the chance to win themselves a custom made canvas/card of their choice and she couldn’t wait! So, without further adieu you know what to do! Simply follow the little widget below to enter away! You have a whole month to do so - yipee ;)

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Please do feel free to share this wonderful giveaway with your family and friends as I am trying to spread the word of the wonderful Laura and her personalised and custom made gifts! Good luck everyone :)

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