Foundation | MAC Face & Body Vs. MUFE Face & Body

Meet two of my favourite water based foundations. MAC’s Face and Body and Make Up For Ever’s (MUFE) Face and Body. If you’re looking for buildable coverage, lightweight and water-resistant product which can be used everywhere and is a make-me-look-great-in-flash-photography foundation, look no further.

Face and Body Foundation by MAC £27 for 120ml available HERE - this is the first face and body foundation I got. I loved and still do love it. The value for money is second to none. It is very sheer which means you can build up layers to suit the type of coverage you want with a shiny finish. This with a bit of setting powder will give you a lovely glowing look. Being in a plastic bottle, it’s super travel friendly. What’s better is that it won’t even look like your wearing much foundation as all! I am currently shade C5 because I have a bit of a tan but can wear a C3 during the winter months. One of the downsides of this foundation is that it does oxidise a lot so you can’t keep it for too long.

Face and Body Foundation by MUFE £29.50 for 50ml available HERE - I picked this up when I was in Barcelona a year or so ago and am so glad I did. This is a less shiny, more matte and slightly thicker version of the MAC Face and Body. To me this is the perfect combination of glow and skin-like texture. This, I feel, looks even less visible to the MAC. Although it’s not travel friendly with its glass bottle and if you look at the value for money (not to mention the fact that MUFE isn’t readily available here in the UK) seems like MAC wins! However, if you are near a Sephora I would totally say to check some of this out. I currently have the shade 32. Now time for some swatches (where you can judge the shine factor for yourself)…

What’s the verdict you ask? Although I love them both I’ll be sticking to MAC’s Face & Body for the time being until we finally get MUFE more available in England. I suppose this also means that I’ll be able to save a little extra and treat myself to something new :)

Have you tried face and body foundations before? Do you love them like me?

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2 Responses to Foundation | MAC Face & Body Vs. MUFE Face & Body

  1. Selina says:

    I love both these foundations, but i agree with you that its hard to get hold of the MUFE foundations!! The one thing i don’t like is the glass bottle…..doesn’t make it travel friendly, especially in your kit! xx

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