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If you follow me on TWITTER or have ‘Liked’ my page on FACEBOOK, then you’ll know yesterday I got my hair cut (or should I say chopped off!). I was contacted by the lovely team at Rush to review The House of Rush* salon - I couldn’t say no! Not only had my hair been crying out for attention, but I really needed a new look this 2013. I loved getting a text reminder for my appointment (as sometimes, I can be a little forgetful) :oops:

I headed on down to the salon yesterday & was blown away with the interior. It’s super plush, elegant yet modern all at the same time. The hair dressers I usually go to, is nothing like this!

The interior included lots of product fixtures from Kerastase, Shu Uemera, L’Oreal, Rodial & much, much more! I was tempted to get some hair products but had to force myself not to!

Rush Hair & Beauty, as a whole, have won numerous awards & work very closely with L’Oreal. Not only that but it is located all over the big smoke, in beautiful areas. House of Rush is off of Piccadilly in the heart of London & next to lots of iconic shopping destinations - what more could you ask for?


I was extremely lucky to have my hair cut by the lovely stylist Tina Farey, London Hairdresser of the year 2012 (!) & coloured by Isabel - both extremely talented hairdressers. The above picture is my hair before. As you can see, it was SUPER LONG, shapeless & personally I found it quite boring & hard to manage. I went in with an idea of how I wanted my hair to look & left the rest to the team.

I love it when a hairdresser really takes time out on our hair, & doesn’t do a rushed job. This is exactly what I got at House of Rush! These are the treatments I went for:

Cut & Blowdry
2 sections of ombré
Some colour correction of old colour taken out


This is the final look I went for. An A LINE HAIR CUT (where it’s slightly longer at the front & slightly shorter at the back) which I must admit I’m getting used to but loving it at the same time! My hair feels much lighter, healthier & much easier to handle. I know I will have to style it pretty much every morning but what the heck! I don’t care :) I haven’t seen what it looks like in my natural hair (which is wavy) but I’m sure I’ll be able to figure it out!

Overal, my experience at House of Rush was wonderful. All the staff were incredibly friendly & professional. I’m very funny when I go to a new hair dresser, but I was completely at ease here. One thing I hate about most hairdressers is when your stylist leaves!! But after speaking to some of the stylists there, I found out that they had been with Rush between 10 & +20 years (YES, +20!!) which made me super happy knowing that. You can expect to pay London prices (which can be found HERE) but you can also expect a super glamorous result! Personally, I wouldn’t go here on a regular basis as I wouldn’t be able to afford it (not to mention the fact that I’m not based in London) but would book myself in for a special occasion, in a heartbeat!

I’m really happy with my new hair & colour, it’s been a nice way to start off the new year :) Is anyone thinking of having a change of hair cut/colour this 2013?


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*This treatment was courtesy of Rush however my opinion & review is 100% honest, as always!

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12 Responses to Review | House of Rush, London

  1. surbhi says:

    Gorgeous! I love the cut and the color really suits you! I am hacking off my hair this month, too. It is long and feeling a bit untamed.

  2. Gauri says:

    I really liked your haircut :)

  3. Emily says:

    Wow! Your hair looks gorgeous! I really need to give my hair some TLC and treat it to a salon.

  4. ablazeaqua says:

    you r looking so pretty kaushal dear!
    beautiful cut & color

  5. Tosin says:

    I was just watching your skine care video and your hear looks beautiful! I love your lipstick also x

  6. Alexandra says:

    You look gorgeous, doll! You are brave in the hair salon! I always tell them to cut the smallest amount possible! It looks fantastic on you! xo

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