The Body Shop BB Cream.

A few weeks ago I was sent the new Body Shop BB cream. I was so excited to give it a try as I do love my Garnier BB cream (I used it almost everyday last summer) - I’m a big fan of lightweight foundations/tinted moisturisers/BB creams if you hadn’t guessed already! What is a BB cream you may ask? Well, a BB cream stands for ‘Blemish Balm’ or ‘Beauty Balm’. It was & has been super popular in Asia. It’s a mixture of a primer, SPF, moisturiser, foundation & all round conditioning treatment for your skin all rolled into one product… No wonder why everyone is jumping on the BB bandwagon! Here’s the NEW all-in-one BB Cream by The Body Shop.

RRP: £12 available from HERE. The BB cream claims:


Evens skin tone

24 hour hydration


Smooth finish



Non-clogging formula

The look of TBS BB cream is far different to others out there - at first I was really surprised by the moisturiser-like look of it. This is because it has pigment filled capsules that burst when applied to skin which release the colour inside. Below is what it looks like before, during & after application…

I am shade 2 with this BB cream. It’s extremely light weight & feels similar to a moisturiser. Overall, it does give you a subtle glow & evens the skin tone, but not in areas where I have blemishes &/or scars. I wish it had SPF & was a little bit thicker/heavier in coverage but don’t think this will be taking centre stage of my makeup routine. However, it is definitely something I’d consider for when I go on holiday, this is because I don’t like wearing heavy foundations in the heat.

Overall, I think this BB cream is perfect for those who have good skin & don’t need to cover up any blemishes, scars or pigmentation. If you’re after some sort of coverage I would steer clear from this product. Would I purchase this product for another tube? Probably not, however if I was going on holiday this would be in my beach bag for sure! I LOVE TBS ethos & am a fan of a lot of their products (including their Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry body oil which is also a must have of mine when I go on holiday).

What do you think, dolls? Is this BB cream something you’ll be picking up?


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*This product was sent to me. My 100% honest opinion as always.

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8 Responses to The Body Shop BB Cream.

  1. Sam says:

    ooo looks interesting must swatch this when next in Bodyshop xx

  2. becomegorgeous says:

    I agree…BB creams are not ideal for coverage…still I adore this revolutionary cosmetic products….Thanks for sharing your review of the latest The Body Shop BB cream….pics help a lot…:)

  3. Salma Choudhury says:

    Hi Kaushal. There are now so many different branded BB creams! After reading this blog, i decided to go into Body Shop, and try out the new Body Shop BB Cream. It was ok, i guess. I have already the Garnier BB cream, and wanted to find a different one. So i had a look at the new Body Shop BB cream, and the Loreal Nude Magigue cream. As i had got a free sample of the Loreal BB cream by post, i had already tried it on before. I liked it, as it had light reflecting particles. As the Garnier BB cream does not. It was more light in texture, and more liquidy then the Garnier BB cream. It blended well into my skin, and i used the medium colour one. However, the only downside is it is only 30 ml, and the Garnier one is 50 ml. Over all, this BB cream, was the best one i have tried so far!

  4. Melanie says:

    I don’t understand- what is the POINT of the bursting pigment capsules? I might just have the wrong shade, but I cant seem to make it go any colour but bright orange. i thought since it starts off white i might be able to blend it better, but this doesnt seem to be the case.

    • Kaushal says:

      Oh no, sucks that you didn’t have any good experience with it. I wouldn’t recommend this BB cream, there are others out there that are much better!

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