FOTD & some Sunday chit chat.

Hi dolls. I feel like I’m on a roll today with two whole blog posts for you! I thought this would be a great post to have a little CHIT CHAT with you. Firstly, I got a new car *yipee* my old one was seriously dying on me but now I have a fancy new one which I’m totally loving. Team Audi all the way. Also, recently I got asked to be a part of Handpicked Media! Which I was super chuffed about, to be a part of this community with lots of well known blogs here in the UK. Last but not least, I have got a new job close to home! I am very, very sad to be leaving my team but it’s time to start a new challenge in life - I’m really looking forward to it. Has anything new happened in your lives?

Right, now onto the FOTD. On Friday night it was my work Christmas party & I thought I’d share my face with your pretty faces as well as some products I’m currently loving. I wore a blue dress from Bershka. Their products are very good quality & don’t break the bank. I wore THIS dress.

Flawless Cream Foundation by MeMeMe
MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Powder
Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch
Global Bronzer by Topshop

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Contrast (Limited Edition) eye shadow by MAC all over the lid
Carbon by MAC on the crease, upper & lower lash line
Green Smoke by MAC on the crease
Vex by MAC as a highlight
They’re Real mascara by Benefit
Avon SuperSHOCK Gel Liner in Black

Hoola by Benefit to contour
Watt’s Up! by Benefit as a highlight
Candid Coral by ELF as a blush

Powder Puff Cream Puff by Collection 2000
C-Thru Lipglass by MAC

Flawless Cream Foundation RRP: £12.50

These are the two products I’ve been using a lot recently. I’ve also worn these on the pictures above. Recently I’ve been trying out more & more drug store or pharmacy brands & I’ve been pleasantly surprised :)

Flawless Cream Foundation - applys like a DREAM. I’d say it’s medium coverage, which is perfect for me as I don’t like to feel caked on. I love the matte look yet glow it has on my skin. For the days I feel like I want that extra coverage, I’ve been going straight for this. I’m also loving that it’s got SPF 15 in it. Dolls, I can’t stress how important SPF is & especially on your face… I’m obsessed with not wanting wrinkles & products with SPF are a must along with keeping moisturised. You can get this from Superdrug or off of their website HERE.

RRP: £24.50 from Boots, Debenhams or Benefit’s website HERE.

Watt’s Up! - If you’ve been keeping up with me &/or my blog you’ll know that I’ve been wearing highlighters a lot recently! I was so happy to get my hands on this. One, because I love Benefit products & two because yep… I love highlighters ;) I already use high beam which was one of my favourites during last summer. However this has more of a gold tone to it. It’s INCREDIBLY smooth & glides onto my skin effortlessly. The sponge on the other end is amazing, I don’t know why brands hadn’t thought of this earlier. I find it helps keep the product on there (by blending the edges away) rather than rubbing it into your skin/foundation. Also, a little goes a long way with this so for the price, I think it’s well worth it - that is if you’re after a good quality highlighter. By the way, how cute is the packaging?!

Here are some quick swatches of what they look like. I find I go for ‘THICKER‘ products during the winter. Is anyone else like that, or is it just me?

The boy also got me this GORGEOUS clutch bag from ASOS last week - I don’t know how he knew but I’ve been wanting to get this for ages now & I finally have it :) Thank you so, SO much :)

What have you all been up to? What products have you been loving this winter? I am going to do a ‘what I use on my skin’ & ‘what’s in my bag’ type of posts as I’ve been asked to do them quite a lot recently so watch out for them along with my recent haul :) I’ve totally missed blogging & I think I’ve got my blogging mojo back

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42 Responses to FOTD & some Sunday chit chat.

  1. VexintheCity says:

    Love. The. Face!!!!!!! Gorgeousness personified!!

  2. Shivani says:

    You look stunning! Blue is so your color :)

    • Kaushal says:

      Awww, thanks hun! I quite like blue but only seem to wear it if I’m wearing some blue, if that makes sense? Or black! LOL x

  3. Kuki says:

    Love the colour of that dress! but Bershka, Pull & Bear and Stradivarius (all owned by the same spanish company) SERIOUSLY get on my nerves! They have the worst sizing EVER! Zara is the only one from that group that I can ever find anything to wear! Ok RANT OVER! But that dress is seriously nice!

  4. Corrie says:

    Gorgeous! Been really fancying a navy smokey eye at the moment, definitely tempted to go buy a navy shadow after seeing this post :) x

  5. mona says:

    looking absolutely lovely :) im loving the dress too - the blue looks great on you! ohh and im so jealous about the audi.. have fun driving it! :) xx

  6. Ria says:

    WOW I love the eyeshadow! You look so pretty!
    And your first paragraph… we need to have that long-forgotten catch up! x x

  7. SiSi Sparkles says:

    lovely look! perfect for holiday parties :]

  8. Eugenia says:

    You look amazing!

  9. Saim says:

    I can never get over how beautiful you are! The blue looks great & can’t believe the boy picked out such a nice clutch

  10. LilyLipstick says:

    Your make-up looks amazing, Contrast looks so good on you. Love the feather clutch bag too. x

  11. SD says:

    love the clutch !

  12. Sharon says:

    U look absolutely gorgeous hun,love ur makeup=flawless,love ur hair,love ur dress,love ur clutch oh my gah I loveeee everythn abt ths post!

  13. Sami says:

    Ahhhh I got so excited when I saw you on my blog feed! xx

  14. Parveen says:

    Wow you look absolutely stunning!!! Whenever I try and attempt a blue smokey eye I end up looking like I’ve given myself a bruised eye lol. Love the clutch and congratulations on all the good news! You have amazing skin so looking forward to the skincare post :) x

    • Kaushal says:

      Thanks so much Parveen! You could try adding grey? or Possibly even black but trying blending it out really well. Oooh, thank you lots of good news. I will try and get that up as soon as I can :) x

  15. hareem says:

    everything in this post is beautiful :)

  16. misha says:

    can i ask what shade the foundation is in?

  17. roshni says:

    you are soooo beautiful xx love the foundation on you xx

  18. Sriya says:

    You should be a make up artist! This is beaut!! Also loving the clutch! xx

  19. Meena says:

    Looking gorgeous as usual!! Really loving your hair …so voluminous!!

  20. Fiona x says:

    Hi, you look lovely!!

    can i ask…the Avon SuperSHOCK Gel Liner that you use - is it the pencil or the pot? - thanks! x

  21. Numera says:

    That clutch is gorgeous! And the colour of that dress looks lovely on you xx

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