Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushers!

Hi dolls. I’ve been SO incredibly busy with work & life in general that the blog has been disgustingly neglected over the past couple of weeks. But, I promise you I’ll get better. I’m slowly building up lots of scheduled posts that so you’re not left hanging! Any ways, since I’ve been working so hard I thought I’d treat myself to the highly talked about Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushers! If you’ve not heard about these, you must read on!

Waterbrush RRP: £15 (currently £5 on Escentual.com)
Pop RRP: £14.50
Icing RRP: £14.50

Pop blush is what I initially wanted to get as £5 from the sales go to Macmillan Cancer Research! It’s such a gorgeous, winter colour. But seeing as the ‘waterbrush’ was reduced to £5 I HAD to get my hands on it! I looked for ‘Icing’ & ended up getting it from Feel Unique, HERE. Personally, I feel like I can blend the blush perfectly well without the brush… So, it’s fair to say I need to get used to it as I’ve heard it does amazing things. Especially when you’re not wearing any foundation/tinted moisturiser on your skin. I have yet to discover that though!

I opted for these two colours. I thought I’d be able to use ‘Icing’ as a highlighter paired with ‘Pop’ of course ;) The packaging is great. You get 15ml in a bottle & a little definitely goes a LONG way.

Because these are water based, they blushes need a good shake before you use them & you need the tiniest amount. This little dot covered my ENTIRE hand!! Meaning, this will last you a good while.

They are super easy to blend & last the WHOLE day. I have the tendency to touch my face & rest my hand on my cheek when I’m at work & all, so usually my blush is the first thing to disappear right off the face of my… well, face! I use to stay away from water/cream based blushers but have recently fallen in love with them.

Out of the 2 I absolutely love icing. It looks amazing on as a highlighter. I think It may just be one of my favourite highlighters (… of all time?). It has an amazing two toned, silver & pink, colour to it. I’ve been wearing it a lot recently. I’m really glad I got ‘Pop’ also, I love how £5 goes to CHARITY. I can’t seem to say a bad word about them. They truly are little gems of mine now. It’s a limited edition colour which is exclusive to Escentual.com - there’s only 250 of these!! You can get your hands on it HERE.

Have you ever tried Daniel Sandler cosmetics or these watercolour blushes? What do you think about them?

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6 Responses to Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushers!

  1. TheCosmeticCrave says:

    I put 2 of these blushes in my feelunique bag today and then thought ‘will these be any good’ I think I will go back and buy them! although the colour pop looks lovely too :)


  2. Summer says:

    These look lovely, I’ve wanted to try these for a while but never got round to it as I’ve not really heard very much about them! xx

  3. Martita at Costa Chic says:

    I have been meaning to try this blush for ages, I am after Cherub, apparently this is their most popular shade. Pop is gorgeous too xx

  4. Shifa says:

    I really want to get these now! Love both the shades you have :)

  5. Sami says:

    I really like cream/liquid blushes… they are so much more flattering than powder! I love the whole ‘Watercolour’ concept behind this :)

  6. Shortiee31 says:

    Loving the look of ‘Pop’! Xx

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