Ditching the black liner!

Hi my lovely ladies, how are you all doing? I thought I’d quickly show you some STUNNING shoes I saw the other day at the Christian Louboutin boutique in the London Selfridges. I didn’t even look at the price as I was mesmerised by their sparkly-ness!

I quickly read the model name & it was ‘You You’ - if someone could tell me how much they are or if they’re available online anywhere that would be amazing!! Not that I can afford to get them - but I sure can DREAM about it, hehe!

So, back onto the post! I’ve been getting a little bored of wearing black eye liner these days & remembered that I have some different colours.

No7 Limited Edition Spring Collection Gel Liner in Blue - £10
Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen in Navy Blue - £5.50

I recently got the new No. 7 gel liner from their Spring Collection (it looks like a violet colour). It also comes in turquoise & black & after using it, I’m SO tempted to go back for more!! They go on like a treat as well as being super pigmented. I thought I’d pair it with my Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen. Initially, I used this as a GUIDE, so that I wouldn’t mess it up & it would look neat.

I absolutely LOVE the combination of the two as it gives an amazing frosted VIOLET shade! I’ve worn the gel liner alone & it still looks great. but doesn’t give you this exact effect. Its staying power is solid & doesn’t transfer onto your lid either! It comes with a little brush which is also very good to use if you don’t have one in your brush kit.

If you’re wondering, I’ve got ‘Nobility’ by MAC on my lid, ‘Shroom’ by MAC as a highlight, ‘Smolder’ eye liner by MAC & Maximum Curl mascara by Natio on my upper & lower lashes :) After wearing this for a fair few days now…

I’m definitely DITCHING the black liner!

Okay, maybe I lied just a little! I won’t completely ditch it, but seeing as spring’s coming up it’ll be nice to have a bit of colour on my eyes without having to wear eye shadow. I don’t wear eye shadow on a daily basis & this POP of colour on my eyes is more than enough!

Has anyone else tried different coloured eye liners? Or anything from the No. 7 Spring 2011 Collection that they’d recommend?

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60 Responses to Ditching the black liner!

  1. Neeli says:

    Girl, the eyeliner looks really pretty! Your gorgeous brown eyes really stand out!!
    Gorgeous! -
    Deffo pick up the No7 eyeliner in Turquoise - I love it! I did a post on this one recently and I think it looks amazing under the lower lash-line! Give it a whirl xxx xxx

  2. Miss-Eblog says:

    Oooh pretty! I’ve always meant to try colours, but the black seems to be on me before I realise haha xx

    • Kaushal says:

      Lol, I’ve got the MAC black gel liner which is good so I’m thinking not to get the No. 7 one just for the heck of it - I’m thinking more of the turquoise one! Yay :)

  3. Nazneen says:

    Oh that liner looks amazing!!! It’s stunning with your eye colour. (love the shoes too, they’d make amazing wedding shoes if you were getting married!) I have the Bobbi Brown gel liners in Ivy Shimmer and Violet Shimmer, they’re lovely (dark enough for definition but more interesting than black!)

    Can I ask, is the liner as purple as it’s come out in the pictures? I MUST have it if it is! I have a warm purple liner but not a cool purple/violet one, but if it’s blue IRL I might pass.

    Thanks hon x

    • Kaushal says:

      Thanks Nazneen! The No. 7 liner alone has a little purple hint to it (kind of like the blue you get in fountain/ink pen - if that makes sense?) It’s a very deep violet colour. But with using my Eyeko graffiti pen underneath it, it makes the purple pop! x

  4. Zainab says:

    The color is so pretty! I’ve always wanted to try an eyeliner in a different color!

    And those shoes are hott!

  5. smaira says:

    im so boring im too scared to ditch black eyeliner. looks lovely on you tho and the eyeshadow is really lovely too. have added it to my wish list! x

  6. esteeem says:

    ahhh i love trying new makeup styles.. mine used to include eyeshadow, now its just UD Sin PP and black eye liner.. occasionally I add a pop of colour to the bottom liner but mostly not lol!


  7. crissy k says:

    Drooling over the sparkliness of those amazing shoes!

  8. Gaby says:

    Love the effect, gorgeous! I don’t usually use liquid eyeliner but you make me want to try it (=

  9. Nilufar says:

    Hey Kaush are the fiver off no7 vouchers back b? Love how the liners look on you. That eyeko one has no pigmentation. Xxx

    • Kaushal says:

      I’ve had them since the last round about a month or so ago? & they last till about March time so need to get something quick! Hehe x

  10. Shabina says:

    Hey girl! You look gorjus, I have to say black eyeliner is boring sometimes…have you ever tried Sleek colour liquid eyeliners and Barry M eye pencils? I have loads but admit I use black mainly! Also I have recently been using my mac eyeshadows as eyeliner and they come out awesome, everyone at work lurved it <3

    P.S: I am a new follower and have enjoyed reading your blog. Might start my own blog one day as I so lurve makeup and sparkly things lol.

    • Kaushal says:

      I’ve never tried the Sleek or Barry M ones but will have to swatch them out next time I’m at Superdrugs! I like using eye shadow but the staying powder and pigmentation doesn’t come anywhere near gel ones for me! Thanks my lovely - you should definitely start one, I’d read it that’s for sure! x

  11. Leah says:

    Love that eyeliner!

  12. Jen says:

    The liner looks amazing on you! Love the color.

    • Kaushal says:

      Looks best with the two liners together but yep I love the effect it gave! Can’t wait to play around more with different coloured liners :) x

  13. Arezu says:

    I’ve been wearing non-black eyeliner for a while now too, I love that it’s simple, but you still get that pop!

    Yo-yo’s (I think that what they’re called) - especially jeweled CL’s are expensive, I think they run upwards of $1,000 USD. If you google The Purse Forum you can find a lot more info about shoes and people’s CL collections and everything, everyone once in a while I do that and I become INSANELY jealous.

    I was seriously contemplating purchasing a pair as a graduation gift for myself, but they’re wayyyy too much for me to be spending on a pair of shoes. But I know once I pay off debts and have myself settled in a nice job and comfortable house and after I’ve donated to causes I believe in (and all that), I *HAVE* to own atleast one pair of Louboutins ;)

    • Kaushal says:

      Yay - I’m glad I’m not the only one, hehe! Ah I’m so gonna have to do that - but they totally cost like and arm & leg!! But having said that, I know they’d be worth it :) But then I’d want to wear them everywhere hehe! x

  14. LilyLipstick says:

    Looks gorgeous. I use black liquid eyeliner everyday but probably should branch out a bit and try something different! x

  15. roshni says:

    I love your eyes - so gorgeous! Those shoes are to die for <3 xx

  16. feef says:

    gorgeous ,, love the liner ,,

  17. L says:

    I use the bright blue in MAC Sea and Sky mineralize duo to do my eyeliner occasionally but I’m too in love with my black eyeliner to use it often! I was going to buy that no. 7 eyeliner the other day but decided not to, but I might just have to pop back to the store to see if they still have it haha xx

  18. PinkSweetSz says:

    Lol, Now that I think about it black eyeliner is a bit boring Lol, same thing everyday!!
    Gotta try some other colours, It looks gorgeous On you! x

  19. Prissy says:

    Glad I came across this, cause it reminds me that I also have a purple, blue, and green from ELF cosmetics that totally forgot about. Great post!!

    Prissy (Rush Our Fashion)

  20. Kim says:

    Wow, those shoes are amazing! Have you ever been to the Shoe Boutique in Harrods? I was mesmerized haha! I’m loving the No 7 gel liners at the moment, and definitely preferring colour to black! xxx

    • Kaushal says:

      No, not been to their shoe boutique but is definitely on me list LOL! Yay for colour - I hope they have the turquoise one in stock still as it’s out of stock on their website x

  21. vikki @ vikki-gabrielleworld.blogspot.com says:

    that looks great I got some colours in the MUA glitter liner range today to try i’ll do a blog post when i try them as I have heard some good reviews, I also have a navy covergirl eyeliner that I love and now feeling inspired to wear it! xxx

  22. natalie ford says:

    wow this looks gorgeous,I’m tempted to go and get it with my No7 voucher now!!! even though ive done 2 chanel trips this week 2 boots hauls and a superdrug haul eeek!!!!
    Love your blog!!!
    Love Nat xxx

  23. rakhshanda says:

    Wow love your eyes kaushal <3 :) Lovely blog honey…try checking out mine:)
    Hope you follow too…will def follow back:)

  24. Saim says:

    I feel like coloured liners give a more youthful look as compared to black eyeliners too. Love the colour

  25. Fee says:

    The blue eyeliner looks amazing on you - so tempted to get all three of the No7 spring gel liners now. Was only planning on getting the black one but they all look so good.

    Fee x

  26. andee layne says:

    loving this liner! such a fun way to switch it up xo

  27. Onyxsta says:

    Loving the coloured liner…def gonna invest in some for summer :)

  28. Mercedes says:

    I loved this combo!
    I’ll try it with what I’ve got.
    I was curious about the N7 gel liners but I heard they don’t last very long. Shame.

    • Kaushal says:

      Deffo work with what you’ve got, no point going out & getting similar products if you already have them (I wish I could stick to this, haha) x

  29. Anjanee says:

    Ahhh love love love that! :) I’ve missed a few of your posts so I’m doing a quick catchup now haha, I serioussssly need to go shopping!

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