It’s that time of the week again everyone! So, let’s get straight down to BUSINESS

I love big rings, as you can tell from my DIY Ring Holder post ;)

Nothing can beat a good ol’ smokey eye!

I love smiling. It’s definitely the best accessory.

Going shopping & retail therapy is one of my favourite past times.

Praying & thanking good for all the good things & amazing people in my life.

I absolutely love to cook & also learning how to cook different things :)

I love the dream & then to also follow them too.

Pretty dresses, amazing! I love going shopping for dresses & trying them on (even though I’m not gonna get it LOL)

I love London – one of these days I want to do the Monopoly run for fun :)

Ha, probably makes me sound geeky but I don’t care I absolutely love jigsaw puzzles :
Source: All images from weheartit

Until next time my gems :)

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24 Responses to EIGHTY.

  1. Sophie says:

    LOVE big rings! Nothing completes an outfit like an giant, chunky bling ring!

    And I’ve never heard of the Monopoly run! What is it? Is it any good?

    P.S. I’m a geek right there with you, I love jigsaw puzzles x

    • Kaushal says:

      Lol I have to wear big rings :D It’s going to all the monopoly streets, I dunno why I want to do it :oops: hehe it just sounds like a fun touristy thing to do x

      • Sophie says:

        It sounds like fun! I’ve only been to London a couple of times so I like to do really touristy things while I’m there, like getting my photo taken with a guard at the palace and things x

  2. Halima says:

    I am OBSESSED with big mother rings! I’ve recently bought a mahooosive ring from River Island http://bit.ly/esCrQ7 It is gorgeous! And super blingy.

    not played with jigsaw puzzles for years! But once I started one, I just couldn’t stop until I completed it, ha! xx

  3. Sriya says:

    Agree with all of these :D I love the pic for ‘Pretty dresses’ xx

  4. Jo says:

    I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE big rings. They are my favourie jewellery item and jazz up any outfit. I feel more ‘done’ when i’m wearing one, or two, or even three…

    Hehe! Lovely post. xoxo

  5. roshni says:

    kim looks so hot in that photo!! i also love praying and pretty dresses. i need to learn how to cook.. i’m 21 now lol! xxxx

  6. Aysh says:

    Love & agree with every single one of these! Really have been loving these posts babe! Haha this Monopoly run sounds like a bit o’ fun :) I mean I totally looove the game! lol! So this seems like something I’d be interested in doing! Will deffo be checking it out:)

    Aysh xoxo

  7. shikha says:

    I absolutely looooove your blog! m a follower! :) jigsaw puzzles….yup me too :P

  8. Hollie says:

    Which website do you use to get the edited pictures from for your 100 things?

  9. Vedika says:

    Im a LONDON lover!!!
    Hope to go there this spring :D
    Do lotss op shopping ihhihi and have some good indian food yummiee
    Any tips anyone?

    • Kaushal says:

      Aw so glad to hear that! I really liked Maroush in London (it’s off of Oxford street) but there are SOOO many restaurants in London! x

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