Hi my lovely gems! It’s time of the week again… So, let’s get to IT

I love watching fireworks with my loved ones :)

My dad used to make the most amazing jacket potato with lots of filling in it & I still make it to this day – I love the stuff!

90210 is such a good show… Their lifestyle is fab too!

Sleeping is amazing – I love the feeling of getting in my bed for a good nights sleep.

No one should ever stop reading – it broadens the mind (even if it is about fashion LOL) :)

If you know me, 99% of the time I always have my camera in my bag. I love to capture moments & different memories in my life :)

I will like to see the best in people. Until they cross the line, then they get crossed out in my books! :)

I have this weird obsession & cravings to eat cereal at night. Cinnamon cereal has to be my favourite :)

Nothing can touch or beat an ‘Original Glazed’ Krispy Kreme doughnut!

Although I’d choose savoury food over anything else, I do have a sweet tooth… Especially for sweets & chocolates :oops:
Source: All images from weheartit

Until next time my lovelies!

P.S – I’ve reached 500 FOLLOWERS! I cannot thank you gems enough!! It truly is a milestone & cannot believe I’ve got such amazing followers, friends & family that keep me blogging all the time :) I just want to say that you all ROCK :D Thank you so, SO much again! 

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26 Responses to SEVENTY.

  1. Eugenia says:

    I LOVE 90210!!! The new one AND the old one!

  2. Sriya says:

    I agree with all of these!! :D xx

  3. SiSi says:

    Gotta love the sweets and chocolates! :] Congrats on your 500 !! great milestone

  4. Neerja says:

    I love coming across desi bloggers! Looking forward to your posts! :)

  5. surbhi says:

    I love everything on this list. I still make the yummiest jacket potato after you taught me. Whenever I eat beans on toast or my jacket potato, I think of you. <3

  6. sabina says:

    great post girl! i LOVE krisy Kremes mmm yummy!!
    well done on the 500 followers xxx

  7. DalaLuz says:

    Jacked potatoes are my favorite comfortfood…

  8. Sher says:

    I agree with your choices hun,love jacket potatoes,taking pictures,reading beauty&fashion mags and you aint alone with the Cereal one, haha I love Keloggs cornflakes or Cheerios at night..great post

  9. roshni says:

    Congratulations on 500 followers! That’s amazing and you deserve! Not long before you’ll get 1000 =D

    I agree on everything above <3 I want to try cinammon cereal :) xx

    • Kaushal says:

      Thank you my lovely! It’s quality not quantity but my followers are all so lovely! That includes you Missy hehe! Oh my, you’ve gotta try it – it’s called ‘Curiously Cinnamon’… It’s amazing, I even eat it dry! LOL x

  10. K says:


    I really love your blog and I’ve been following it for a while now – so many useful tips! But I was just wondering, as I have a really similar skin tone to you, what colour lipstick and nail polish you have on your profile picture? (You know the one fuchsia and jade colours?) They’re gorgeous!

    Keep up the great work!

    • Kaushal says:

      Hi K, thank you so much :) I’m NC35 if that helps in terms of my actual skin tone but varies in different seasons. The nail polish is Barry M in ‘Mint Green’ – Lovely bright colour :) Also… The lip stick I’m wearing is actually an OCC Lip Tar in Anime! I’ve got a couple of posts on it which includes a review & FOTD using it if you’d like to check that out? Here’s the link to them…

      I really hope that helps! If you’d like to know the best place to order them from etc, etc… Just drop me an e-mail :) x

      • K says:

        Thank you so much! The tars look amazing – Genie cosmetics doesn’t have Anime in stock just yet but some of the others are definitely catching my eye!

  11. Aysh says:

    Mmmm some yummy yummy piccies there darlin! Haha once you have a Krispy Kreme all other donuts just cease to exist! & I am a Pick n Mix fiend!…well anything sweet really ;) lol! Congrats on your blog babe, you deserve it :) yours is one of my favs! and as for 90210….LIAM!!!! wowzah! ;)

    Aysh xoxo

    • Kaushal says:

      Hehe thanks my lovely! :D ah, I totally agree I seem to ONLY eat Krispy Kremes! They must have something in them which make you an addict?! Haha, me & my crazy thoughts! xx

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