I like to wing it, wing it!

Please excuse the cheesy post title!! LOL I had the ‘Chewits’ song stuck in my head during doing this post. I’ve had a lot of requests to show you all how I do my winged eye liner… Without further ado & after figuring out the best & easiest way I could show you (with LOTS of pictures)… Behold… My tutorial on how to WING IT!

Usually the THINNER the inner liner the BETTER!

I hope this was helpful! If confused you at all, or anything, just give me a shout & I’ll be happy to help

* FYI *

  • I used Zoom Lash mascara by MAC.
  • I used SuperSHOCK gel liner by Avon on my upper lash line.
  • I used ‘Eye Bright’ by Benefit on my lower lash line.
  • You can start the wing from the BOTTOM line rather than the top if you wish - I personally like to start the top of the flick first :)
  • I love to pair this look with a BOLD lip :) It’s a classic look that will never get old.

If you have any suggestions on blog posts, or certain EOTD, FOTD or anything at all just let me know dolls :)

P.S - For an EXAGGERATED winged liner, once you’ve got your desired shape, go over the whole line to make it slightly THICKER… Less is more sometimes so be careful, you don’t want to look like a panda ;)

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52 Responses to I like to wing it, wing it!

  1. Claudia says:

    Wow! Great explications & nicely done! Thumbs up!

  2. LilyLipstick says:

    Great tutorial. I love the winged look as it’s so striking and if I use a decent liquid liner it stays on all day. Your lashes look amazing too. x

    • Kaushal says:

      Thanks my lovely! I totally agree with you! I want Avon to make a liquid SuperSHOCK eye liner because their gel one is literally so bold & strong! Aww thank you! I don’t really like the way Zoom Lash makes them look (I’m totally put off of high end mascaras lol) x

  3. Alisha says:

    You do your eyeliner just like me!!! i thought i was the only one who did it like that. Great minds ;) x x

  4. classyandfabulous says:

    Absolutely love the way you do this!

  5. Nora says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Emily says:

    This eyeliner is definitely my favourite! I have been using it for years! It’s probably the only piece of make up that I have constantly re-brought since the age of about 16! Great tutorial xx

    • Kaushal says:

      Snap!! I used to use the dupe of this by Benefit but this is much cheaper! I’ve been repurchasing this for years now too Thanks doll xx

  7. rinz says:

    I like the dollar bills!!!!
    i love eyeliner myself i got a bunch but i always end up using Smolder pencil LOL

  8. BeautyAmbition.net says:

    I need to get this eyeliner!

  9. Shifa says:

    I’m gona try it this way now :) So pretty and neat!

  10. Aysh says:

    Fantastic tutorial sweety! You explained it really well :) I bought this eyeliner a while back but found it really hard to use? Shaky hands! I think I’ll give it another go from seeing this though :) Oh & I also love using eye bright on my waterline & inner corners! It just brightens up your whole look, hence the name I guess…hehe ;)

    Aysh xoxo


    • Kaushal says:

      Oh no, really? Yep deffo give it another try :) I’ve practised loads (for many years) to get my flick right - don’t forget to practise ;) Ah, I’ve been using it a lot since I got it free in Glamour magazine a while back :) x

  11. Lilit says:

    I’ve never been good at doing a winged eye but you make it look so easy that I might have to give it a try again. Love it


  12. roshas says:

    i love it! you have gorgeous eyes! I always find it hard to wing my eyeliner - even though I have been doing it for years. I used to pull my eyelids (which made it easier) but I’ve heard it can age your eye quicker so I’ve stopped doing that. xx

  13. Sharon says:

    just found ur blog hun,its amazing I love it… U do ur eyeliner very well,great tutorial thanks for doing this Im still getting used to liquid eyeliner..

    Im ur new follower..xoxo

  14. Ashinebunny says:

    Really helpful, thx!!

  15. Sami says:

    Very helpful tutorial! Your eyeliner always looks lovely! I’m looking for a new liquid liner - might check out the Rimmel one… thanks for the tip xx

    • Kaushal says:

      Thanks so much Sami No worries, deffo give this a go… I’ve been using it for so long now, it never seems to fail me! I love the matte finish x

  16. Sriya says:

    Great tutorial honey! :) Your pics are always such good quality! x

  17. Fee says:

    Amazing post - this was actually really helpful!

    Fee xx

  18. Alaina says:

    Thanks for this tutorial pretty girl! I am always hit or miss when it comes to the ‘wing’ (mostly miss) but I am definitely going to try your way!

  19. COURTZMELV says:

    I very much liked the title of this post, it made me giggle
    This tutorial is great, very helpful & insentive, beautiful! xx

  20. @lippyandalbd says:

    Thankyou so so much. I have been trying to find out how to do this for ages. It always fails for me but I am going to try it in a bit. :) I am going to post a link to your blog if you dont mind so my readers can read your how to.


  21. Jen says:

    You do a wonderful liner job! I really appreciated this tutorial. I can always use as much liner help as I can get!

  22. barbie dolly says:

    that eye look is great i have never put white eyeliner on my lower lash but it looks nice,so i will give it a go.Oh and i have mac zoom lash and i love it,also wow your eyebrows are so nice and shaped i need to get mine sorted out lol :)

    • Kaushal says:

      Thanks, doll :) Ah, I love white liner! This has a little hint of pink in it which makes it more subtle! I’ve gone off Zoom Lash recently :( But thanks for the eye brow comment lol I wish mine were thicker! x

  23. Imo says:

    This is my go to look everyday, I love a good winged eyeliner look

  24. DeekuBunglie says:

    When I’m rich enough I’m going to hire you to paint my face every day.

    Thank you!

  25. snow0016 says:

    love this step by step tutorial! and thanks for the tidbit
    tips along with the procedure!

  26. Kim says:

    Great tutorial! I loved it! you made it seem really simple. I usually just try to do it with no real method, so this will help =)

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