It Starts With Me.

Oh. My. GOD! I haven’t had a good day today. Firstly, it snowed (yes, I’m a snow hater & PROUD), I had to rush around this morning to run some errands, my car skid near my house & went OVER a curb… Not only snapping my hub cap but also DENTING my wheel! I thought I was gonna get a flat tyre & then had to drive to not 1 but 2 different car garages to have it fixed! It’s still not fully fixed but I know my bank account is gonna have a big FAT hole in it tomorrow! Bad, BAD times I tell ya!

I had some ‘me’ time after getting home… & what better to do than to PAINT you nails, right?

‘It Starts With Me’
RRP: £7.95
Available from January 2010 on BOOTS.COM

Meet ‘It Starts With Me’ from Nicole by OPI’s new ‘LIQUID METALS‘ collection. I love this brand not only because it’s OPI’s sister but it’s of good quality! They’ve made one GREAT change to the product (there is a God!)…

… The brush!! EVERY nail polish brush should be like this! If any nail polish maker/designer is reading this then please make this a MUST HAVE! Rimmel London have a similar brush too. It makes application super fast & easy! My mum loves Nicole by OPI. I painted her nails with these baby’s once & they didn’t chip for days! This is a gorgeous champagne colour…

As you can see it’s quite gold with lovely peach undertones. It’s got a really nice shine to it but it can look a little matte it certain lighting. Without the flash it looks very GOLD. But…

…With the flash you can see the all the PEACHY undertones. Gorgeous right? I wanna get my hands on the whole collection :)

I’m loving the look of ‘Rich in Spirit’ - looks like a metallic grey! Has anyone else had a RUBBISH day in the snow? Also, am I the only one that finds painting my nails really calming & therapeutic? :oops:

P.S - who’s gonna get their hands on these liquid metals?

This product was sent to me.

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8 Responses to It Starts With Me.

  1. Gloria says:

    I have JUST done a post about a similar colour by 17 but this was more what I was looking for! Definitely loving gold nails atm. I wish this colour was out already :(
    Gloria x x x

  2. sabina says:

    that colour looks amazing!! how did u get sent to you before the release?
    i hate the bloody snow too.i totally ruined my boots today coz of the stupid snow seeped right through them,my favourites one too!! i think im gona have to get some wellies if the snow carrys on,so not a good look lol

    • Kaushal says:

      It was through PR doll! Oh no not your favourite shoes :( That’s totally the worse! Mine are hanging in their. I just want the snow to go away :( x

  3. Melissa says:

    i hate the snow too!!! Because of that i can’t even go home. Anyways, i love the nailpolish, i wanna get one of these nailpolishes but i don’t think that it’ll come out here in France =(

    • Kaushal says:

      I’m sure I can find out if these will be releasing in France for you :) & I’m glad I’m not the only one that hates the snow! LOL x

  4. angie says:

    gorgeous polishes! i am a new follower and i am loving your blog! please check out my blog too

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